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Alternative Provider for Affordable Health in Riverton

November 16, 2019 by Direct Care  

Health in the United States is a sensitive issue; not many people have access to quality healthcare providers. Most patients are forced to rely on a private or government insurance to get primary care. Most health insurance companies work through an intermediary, who will be the connection between the patient and the care provider. You may believe a mediator will facilitate the whole process, but reality can't be further away. Intermediaries often bring with them several limitations that will make it more difficult for you to access healthcare, these may include dictating how, when and what type of care the patient will receive. They also have the right to deny payment for care not rendered according to their particular requirements. Zenith Direct Care is an alternative provider serving people in Riverton, and helping them eliminate the middlemen with their Direct Primary Care. This excellent alternative plan allows you to maintain a more direct relationship between yourself and your provider. Your overall costs will be significantly lower with this alternative plan. With Direct Primary Care, patients get better quality care at affordable prices. If you are in Riverton or surrounding areas, and want to learn how you can take part in all the Direct Primary Care benefits with this alternative plan, check Zenith's website at https://www.zdirect.care. You can also call them at 801-676-6161.