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structure of ultrafine mill

November 18, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The main function of steel ball in ultrafine mill is to impact and crush materials, but also play a certain role in grinding. Therefore, the purpose of grading steel ball is to meet these two requirements. Whether the grinding effect is good or not directly affects the grinding efficiency and ultimately affects the output of ultrafine mill equipment depends on whether the gradation of steel ball is reasonable, mainly including the size of steel ball, the number of ultrafine diameters, the proportion of ball of various specifications and so on.

In order to determine these parameters, we should consider not only the size of ultrafine mill equipment, internal structure of ultrafine mill equipment, product fineness requirements and other factors, but also the characteristics of grinding materials (grindability, particle size, etc.).

On the other hand, the higher packing density can make the material get a certain grinding effect. In the two-stage distribution ultrafine, the main function of the big ultrafine is to break the material by impact. The small ultrafine fills the gap between the big ball and increases the accumulation density of the grinding body to control the material flow rate and increase the grinding ability. The second is to transfer the impact energy of the ultrafine to the material. The third is to squeeze out the coarse particles in the gap and place them in the impact zone of the big ultrafine.