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Enhance the beauty of your interior design with i13

November 18, 2019 by Glain max  


House plans with Interior design are one of the most important professional parts. Room design involves a series of tasks, activities, knowledge and very important and varied technical aspects.

If you are planning for House Construction, we at i13 here help you. We offer comprehensive services in home design.

What does interior design include?

Interior design tries to be a functional and efficient design of the space, treating all kinds of elements and each object or aspect of the space, which includes in its process the lighting, the climate and the temperature that will have the space, the heating, the problems or the external and internal circumstances, the habitability, the design itself. 

And so many other professional branches or knowledge that the expert designer must control and knowledge, never stopping his training and his learning, since the market changes and trends, as well as new aspects of interior design and better ideas and processes to be developed.

Difference between interior design and decoration:

Decoration and renovation is the ability to decorate a space or place useful and merely decorative objects in it, in order to take care of its visual appearance and aesthetics, as well as the task of choosing the furniture of a room, space or a building. 

Whatever the type, taking into account the public or the clients it addresses and other technical and theoretical aspects very similar to those found in interior design and architecture, as is logical. 

And we cannot decorate a room or an office without taking into account that information and the taste or style of the company and the client since we could fall into serious errors and obtain a disastrous result or contrary to what was sought. 

The truth is that it is very different and not as related as it might seem. Interior design is a much more complex branch of study that encompasses interior decoration, without being limited to it. 

Interior decoration is a part of interior design. As such, the large one eats the small one and covers it, including its agenda and its content. In addition, it implies knowledge of architecture, as we at i13 have commented and deals with aspects of space and structure, not only aesthetic elements or related to furniture and decorative objects or colors.

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