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How to Renew Lubricating Oil of Perkins Engine

November 19, 2019 by dave  

Drain the Perkins engine oil when it is warm as this will ensure that any waste particles are removed at the same time.

1. Remove the drain plug of Perkins engine

2. Attach a suitable length of hose to the drain and place a suitable container with a capacity of at least 21 litres at the other end.

3. Open the drain tap (item 2).

4. Close the drain tap when there is no more oil left in the sump.

Caution: Do not fill the sump past the maximum notch (mark) on the dipstick as this can have an adverse affect on the performance of the engine or damage the engine. Excess lubricating oil must be drained from the sump.

5. Clean the area around the filler cap on top of the rocker cover.
6. Remove the oil filler cap.
7. Fill the oil sump with the correct amount of new engine lubricating oil. Allow the oil enough time to pass to the sump. Remove the dipstick and ensure that the lubricating oil is to the full mark. Do not exceed the full mark on the dipstick. Ensure that the dipstick is fitted correctly in the dipstick tube.

8. Replace the oil filler cap.
9. Start the engine and operate in a no load condition for 2 minutes and check for leaks.
10. Recheck the oil level and top up if necessary.

Note: Renew the filter canister when the lubricating oil is renewed.

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