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How to make diesel out of old tyres?

November 19, 2019 by pyrolysispalnt  

It is heard that some people with investment vision are already make diesel out of old tyres? Do you want to know how they make diesel out of old tyres? It turned out that these people found a more suitable recycling old tires project - old tire pyrolysis distillation project. Through this project, diesel can be obtained from old tyres.

The following is the main process and related equipment for making diesel out of old tyres:

Step 1. Pyrolysis - tyre pyrolysis plant

Under anaerobic conditions, old tyres are fully heated and cracked into small molecules of organic gas (oil and gas) in pyrolysis plant, and then the oil gas are cooled through professional condenser to obtain black fuel oil. The fuel oil can be used as heating fuel on the market, such as boiler heating, cement plant heating furnace heating. It can also be distilled to make diesel.

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Step 2. Distillation - waste oil distillation plant

We can pass the fuel oil obtained in the pyrolysis process through our distillation plant, further heat and evaporate, and crack the black fuel oil into lighter organic small molecule oil gas(which called diesel oil gas), which is then cooled by the condensing devices to obtain liquid diesel oil.

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The obtained liquid diesel can be used as fuel for engines used in heavy equipment, such as truck, trailer, tractor, ship, etc. pyrolysis oil disillation equipmentThe diesel application

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