LeapZipBlog: J Wu's blog: This Article on the Top Medical Journal in the United States is Actually Written by a Tattoo Artist

This Article on the Top Medical Journal in the United States is Actually Written by a Tattoo Artist

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

30-year-old Allison Lynch said that the tattoo gave her a lot of confidence, "Just like every time I look in the mirror, I feel beautiful. It helps me overcome the pain of losing a breast, which I take back what cancer is a way to take away part of my body. "
Allyson Lynch
She came from Philadelphia,when she is in 26-years-old she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After diagnosis, Allison made a bilateral mastectomy, the spacer in place and so on, and then endured 16 grueling chemotherapy within 20 weeks, she was unable to work during this time.
With the many side effects of chemotherapy, such as fever, aches and pains are the nails fall off and can not be controlled. She even held a barber party before treatment begins.
Allyson Lynch
In December 2015, she underwent breast reconstruction surgery. Allison decided to tattoo on her mastectomy scar. Taking back what cancer had stolen from her, which ultimately made her feel beautiful again.
Tattoo artist John Pohl put her ideas into practice and her mastectomy scar tattoo.
breast tattoo
Allison said: "Before cancer, I have had a tattoo, I've always liked beautiful tattoo. So when I know I'm doing a mastectomy, I did not realize what is necessary to do those fake nipples. Get a nice tattoo seems to be the right choice for me. It makes me feel like myself, like permanent underwear. "
breast tattoo
There are also many people who have raised the art of tattooing to the realm of art and medicine.
There is no medical background to engage in a tattoo artist wrote an essay, actually published in the top US medical journals JAMA. 《“Moving the Needle on Recovery From Breast Cancer” The Healing Role of Postmastectomy Tattoos》
《“Moving the Needle on Recovery From Breast Cancer”The Healing Role of Postmastectomy Tattoos》
This paper discussed breast cancer therapy was on The Arts and Medicine category, the author himself is from Chicago artists and tattoo artist David Allen.
He can tattoo beautiful patterns of scar formation after breast cancer surgery. Helping female patients with postoperative breast cancer surgery to change their own defects.
David Allen
His first tattoo work after a breast cancer surgery is five years ago, a customer of mastectomy patients.
After searching for some information, Allen agreed to try, the whole process very carefully. The final work is particularly beautiful. It became owned by Allen, the most incredible experience. And for both parties, it is a subversion.
breast tattoo
Allen engaged in tattoo work in Chicago, but 95% of customers from all over the world. Who wants a tattoo can find him through the Internet, his tattoo work has been the Internet madness spread.
They have experienced a mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery catastrophe, and now, their chest was beautiful!
breast tattoo
In his view, one patient experienced a loss of breast torment after her body to create a work of art, which can give her after experiencing an unexpected emergency regain control of their lives feeling.
breast tattoo
Allen has developed a new approach that is different from other artists and plastic surgeons. In order for these special customers can at least suffer the pain of the tattoo process, Allen spent a lot of thought.
He replaced conventional tattoo pigments with natural plant pigments and invented a new method of spotting method. In this way, the pattern on the outline without additional coloring pigment loading. This approach not only reduces their pain, but the degree of skin wounds will also be reduced to a minimum.
breast tattoo
Ordinary tattoo pattern strokes usually require at least 11 stitches with solid pigment,and with Allen's method, 5 to 9 needles can quickly get it done.
breast tattoo
Allen’s theme for patients’ tattoos is plant-based. Plants that quiet, unyielding growth characteristics, a symbol of women in the life journey, overcome and thrive away from the disease.
breast tattoo
His customers are proud of their change and want to show the chest that has changed. Some people feel beauty again by their tattoo patterns, allow themselves to become more confident.
breast tattoo
Each tattoo will help you to make emotional sustenance, you move towards the next support tomorrow. When you malaise, maybe a tattoo, really is good medicine, make life suddenly.

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