LeapZipBlog: J Wu's blog: Because of This Ugly Tattoo Style, She Becoming A New Star in Tattoo Field

Because of This Ugly Tattoo Style, She Becoming A New Star in Tattoo Field

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

Today, I will introduce a rising new star in the tattoo field to you, Helena Fernandes.
Helena is a 26 -year-old Brazilian girl.
She owns a tattoo shop Malfeitona. And she has a heart that loves arts and tattoos.
Recently, her photos appeared on all kinds of media tabloid, social networks, BuzzFeed, The Sun, 9GAG... You can see her everywhere.
Helena Fernandes
Because she is young and talented?
Uh.... to some degree, she is very talented.
Because the tattoos Helena did were really ugly.
Too ugly!!
Too ugly !!!!
All of her tattoo works look like this :
animal tattoos
ugly tattoos
And this...
tattoo selection
tattoo designs
My God, why?
Hey, are you guys ok?
tattoo art
Helena said she didn’t intend to do ugly tattoos for guests. But she had tried her best.
Because the styles of her draft tattoos were similar to those.
inked mag
kir tattoo
tattooist doy
Making a tattoo like that, wouldn’t she be beaten by her gusts?
Uh, nowadays people like getting “ ugly ink “.
Since Helena opened her tattoo shop, lots of gusts came to her shop, and nobody knew why. Many people said that they liked this style.
Actually, Helena’s boyfriend was the first one who lost himself in the ugly tattoos.
At that time, Helena didn’t make any tattoos before. She learned to tattoo by herself. Her drawing skills were also so bad.
But she loved tattoo and wanted to have a try.
So her boyfriend told her to tattoo on his leg.
“ Any tattoo is ok. Uh, a bat tattoo.”
Later, a bat tattoo was finished.

bat tattoo
Short body, lovely eyes?
Her boyfriend was attracted by the little bat right now.
He showed his new tattoo to anyone he met. And his friends felt surprised.
Dare to debate how many “ beautiful bat tattoos” there are in the world?
So Helena’s tattoo skills passed from mouth to mouth among their friends.
More and more friends, friends of friends’ come to her tattoo shop to get a tattoo.
You can tattoo whatever you like. That is the style they want.
From then on, Helena opened her tattoo shop Malfeitona.
Many ideas struck her
tattoo life
tattoo inked
We can feel the beauty of a tattoo in the simple lines.
These cartoon tattoos a theme expressed the artists’ complaints against adults.
tattoo ideas
show off  your ink
best tattoo styles
crazy tattoos
She expressed her dissatisfaction with the society wrecking animals by these weird animals.
Well, I can’t make up an excuse.
world of tattoo
famous tattoo
best ink
best tattoos
tattoo do
In fact, Helena’s tattoo work was not bad if the line is simple.
stock holm
inked babes
skin art
However, her work may look like this if the line were a little complicated.
tattoo girls
body art
Because of these weird tattoo styles, many people criticized her in Brazilian tattoo field.
Many professional tattoo artists don’t think her works should be regarded as tattoos. Her works insult tattoo art.
But Helena thinks everyone has his/her hobby. He/ she has their audience even though his/her works are regarded as” trash tattoo”.
She has more than 87200 followers on Instagram. And the rating of her Facebook shop is 4.5, which means most of the people are satisfied with her works.
“I didn’t mean to disparage anyone’s works,” she said in a BuzzFeed interview.
She said, no matter what happened, she will continue to tattoo and make her style more mature gradually.

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