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Ryan Ashley Used Tattoos to Heal More Depression People

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

tattooWith the help of the mainstream media, tattoo art has become a way for us to express our own personal freedom, and the tattoo can be seen everywhere. According to statistics, at least 38% of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 in the United States have at least one tattoo. Tattoos have become so common that doctors have begun talking about this problem with younger patients. “We know it's the mainstream, and we want the medical community to be part of it," said Dr. Jay Greenspan, chair of the pediatrics department at Nemours / AI Dupont Children's Hospital.
tattoo p[attern
People's ideas about tattoos develop in a positive way.
A poll conducted in 2008 showed that 29% of people believe that there is a potential link between tattoos and “abnormal behaviors”, which fell to 24% in 2012 after a few years. In 2018, it fell to 12%, and people chose to decorate their bodies through tattoos. Whether it's short sentences or characters from their favorite shows, the love of tattoos has continued to spread.
semicolon tattoo
Many public welfare projects are also an important reason for the acceptance of tattoo trends.
In recent years, taboos around depression have been completely broken, and this applies to the art world. In the past few years, a semicolon project has emerged, which left a semicolon tattoo on the body, indicating a struggle related to depression and suicide prevention. “If you are aware of your struggles and depression, but choose to face it bravely, use a semicolon instead of a full stop,” says Project Semicolon. The woman from Ireland is very familiar with the fight against depression.
Aoife Lovett
This is an Irish woman full of self-harm
19-year-old Aoife Lovett has been fighting depression during her teenage years, and the young woman has left a shocking self-harm scar.She wants to cover scars with tattoos, but most artists are reluctant to work on unevenly damaged skin.Lovett said: "Many artists do not modify scars very well, because this requires a lot of consideration, and they are not willing to take on the risk of looking bad."
Aoife Lovett and Ryan Ashley
Lovett found an artist who was willing to help her
Lovett asked tattoo artist Ryan Ashley to help her cover up her self-harm scars with tattoos. He was the only artist who didn't shut her out. He agreed to be free for Lovett tattoos, and he used it as a charity project to help self-harming people modify their scars and help those who need them the most.
Ryan Ashley
He founded“Scar Behind Beauty
At the beginning of this year, Ryan Ashley founded "Scars Behind Beauty", a young girl came to him and asked to design a cover tattoo. “A girl came in casually to find a tattoo to cover up some scars. I talked to her. She started telling her story. Finally, I realized that it has a deeper meaning for her, and it is a spiritual repair. Ryan Ashley said.
rose cover tattoo
Demand for Ryan Ashley services is booming
The original thing as a side project now has a lot of followers. His social media posts for scars behind the United States began to spread, and customers began to make their requests. Ryan Ashley has more than 300 customers waiting on the list, hoping he will be tattoo on the scarred skin. The damaged skin tattoo is particularly tricky, and the tattoo artist knows that his work is very important in the industry.
rose cover tattoo
The difficulty of tattoo inspires him
Ryan Ashley knows that the quality of the skin can determine the tattoo effect. “Many tattoo artists avoid tattooing on scars. It is understandable to a certain extent, because it is obvious that if you want the best work, it will be better on flat skin,” he said. Despite tattoo on the damaged skin need for precision and patience , Ryan Ashley knows it's worth it. So Ryan Ashley started his sideline with his favorite rotary tattoo machine to help people with depression.
rose cover tattoo
This tattoo artist won't mind the extra design
“Sometimes it may take more time, but for me it means more than that, because you are helping someone to move on from difficult times,” the artist said. He has done an excellent job 19 years after he started his career!
Lovett and her tattoo.
Lovett and her tattoo
Lovett designed a stunning rose and dagger on her scar, she was very happy. ”I think what Ryan doing is great because it's hard to get someone to tattoo it, and it makes sense for me to get them covered and get them covered. It's hard to find an artist who can do this and be passionate about it." she said. Lovett is just one example of Ryan Ashley's inspirational work.
Lovett and her scar
This 19-year-old girl is grateful
Lovett said that Ryan Ashley took time to make her wish come true, she was happy, and the meaning of this tattoo is far more than the depth of the skin. It has changed her life forever, and Ryan Ashley is more influential than he realizes.
Aoife Lovett
Restore confidence
After getting a beautiful cover-up tattoo, Lovett felt like he had a new life. "It gives you a new sense of freedom that will restore your confidence, because it's hard to find a job, wearing a t-shirt with a scar, because you look a lot of scars, and you have a lot of questions about it," Lovett admitted. . The tattoo has indeed changed her life, and the mission has made Ryan Ashley's work even more important.
Ryan Ashley
This tattoo artist is helping people heal themselves
Tattoo artist Ryan Ashley brings some much-needed help to those who are prone to self-harm. Lovett said: "He has made the horrible look beautiful." He is changing life, Lovett proved his success.
Ryan Ashley
Tattoo artist Ryan Ashley has rich experience
Ryan Ashley has received a lot of recognition from helping other people with depression. In fact, he lost a suicide friend, and he decided to let his work help those who are still here and able to change their lives. Ryan Ashley ensures that his clients can revel in their recovery.color picture
There is nothing shameful about asking for help
In our society, depression is no longer a taboo, but an important dialogue. Tattoo artist Ryan Ashley is just one of those who are facing the pain, using some beautiful things to heal their pain. If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, don't be afraid to talk to him, you may be saving lives!

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