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Want to get tattoos like Neymar?—— Wormhole Tattoo

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

It's no secret that Neymar has a mania for tattoo and body art, and he has already covered head to toe in ink. And recently Neymar managed to find a bit of free space on his back for a couple of new pieces of tattoos featuring comic book superheroes Spider-Man and Batman.
The back tattoos feature two images from the Marvel and DC canon, with the left side adorned with an image of Spider-Man. It's something of a crossover too, as the caped crusader Batman is the hero that he has decided to have added to his back on the right.
The tattoo artist of Neymar’s superhero tattoo, Thieres Paim, shared his handiwork on Instagram and posted: "As everyone knows, Neymar is a fan of the characters Spider-Man and Batman. Today I had the pleasure of tattooing them on his skin!"
Neymar’s superhero tattoo aroused a considerable discussion on the internet. Some people think that tattoo is “Immaturity on display” “Cheesy childish plonker”“ Embarrassing” and he “could have afforded a better tattoo artist”.
However, some people think his tattoos are cool. And people should not be unfairly judged by what they show the world, from clothing to hairstyle to tattoo, since today’s word is different from 30 years ago.
It is undeniable that, as a celebrity, Neymar has lots of followers all over the world, especially some young people may imitating their idol and want to get tattoos like Neymar.
Here are some essential things that you have to consider before getting tattooed.
Consider the hygiene and general health habits
It is important to make sure the artists use single-use needles, ink and gloves in case getting cross contamination. This also applies to bandages, swabs, razors — anything that your artist might use should be new. Besides, you should check the whole environment of the tattoo shop whether is clean and comfort or not? What’s the smell like? It is believed that most famous shops smell like disinfectant and have spotless workstations and floors.
If you are worried about the hygiene problem, maybe to buy a tattoo kit for yourself would be a good choice. Prepare your own tattoo needles and ink is less worried. After all, a wormhole complete tattoo kit is just around $90, and you could get 20 tattoo inks, 50 tattoo needles, and 3 tattoo machines. You could use the tattoo kit over and over again without worry about getting diseases from others.
Consider the design
Think it twice when picking a tattoo design, don’t rush to choose, and think about what does it mean to you and will you regret it as time pass by? Some people like foreign words as a tattoo design, in case not being tattooed terrible and ridiculous wrong words, I will recommend you buy a tattoo design book, or at least, check out the meaning on Google and if possible, to make sure with your friends who know the language.
For example, someone has a Chinese tattoo, but it is actually meaningless and ridiculous which means chicken noodle soup. I’m sure this guy regretted about his tattoo after he knows the meaning of his tattoo. I mean, who sincerely wants to have a chicken noodle tattoo on the body?
Consider Pain and Skin allergies
As we know, getting a tattoo will be painful. The tattoo process involves multiple needles puncturing your skin in order to insert ink which means you have to accept a needle injects ink into the skin, over and over and over again. The bigger the tattoo, the more pain you will be experienced. In addition, the location of the tattoo is also a big factor which affects the pain level.
If you have a skin allergy, you should consult a doctor if it is a good idea to get a tattoo. Some people react badly to the inks — substances that aren’t meant to go on or in the body. Some people’s skin may get bumpy or scaly around their tattoo.
However, the good news is, most recently, research shows most people don’t experience any problems from a tattoo, what’s more, “the inking process may actually turn on the immune system, helping to keep such individuals health.”

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