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Things You Need to Consider When Tattooing Yourself

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

It is said that most of the tattoo artists tattooed themselves before tattooing their clients. Especially In the old days, they had to tattoo themselves before they were set loose their customers. You could go to tattoo shops and ask those old timer tattooists to see the inside of their left leg or right leg (depends on which hand they use) and you will see some scratches of color tests and other experiments. The advantages of tattooing yourself is you are able to completely anticipate when the line started and stopped and you could tattoo whatever you want with less cost.
However, there are also disadvantages to tattoo yourself, actually, unless you are really a professional tattoo artist, tattooing yourself is a bad idea since you may not objective to the pain so that you couldn’t control your tattoo pen going deeper or not.
It is always better to ask others tattoo you if you really want to tattoo yourself, there are 3 things you need to consider before starting your tattoo on your body.

Know the Risk of Getting Tattoos

The risk of getting an infection is higher when you are doing a tattoo at home, I mean, comparing with those clean, professional, certificated and experienced tattoo shops. Even you go to a tattoo shop, avoiding injection is still the most important aspect you need to consider.
And If you have a skin allergy, you should consult a doctor if it is a good idea to get a tattoo. Some people react badly to the inks, some people’s skin may get bumpy or scaly around their tattoo.

Choose a Good Tattoo Kits

A headlamp is needed to see tattoo needles and your skin clearly to make sure your work environment is clean and bright. You will also need a pair of clean Nitrile gloves, single-use tattoo needles, ink cups, tattoo ink, tattoo pen kit, tattoo power supply, tattoo grip cover, paper towels, and wax to remove ink from the skin’s surface. When ready, clean the area with 90% isopropyl alcohol.
And of course, the tattoo tool is the most important in the whole process. There two types of tattoo tools nowadays, traditional tattoo machine and tattoo pen.
Tattoo machines and tattoo pens are different in appearance and transmission. The tattoo machine is regarded as a traditional tattoo machine, also called a coil machine. It uses the electromagnet to make the needles up and down.

The tattoo pen transmission mode is a motor, which drives the transmission rod through the motor, and then drives the needle nozzle up and down to make the force evener.
The needles used in the two machines are different. The traditional tattoo machine has a long needle handle and a relatively short needle. The needle of the tattoo pen is short and convenient to replace, and the price is slightly expensive.
Both machines have their own advantages and disadvantages. The traditional machine is well controlled by needle coloring, and the light color transition is natural. It is easy to master traditional large-area coloring. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to change the needle and adjust the machine, the machine is too heavy, so it is not easy to control, and it is divided into two machines, secant and fogging. At least two or more machines are needed to work.
The tattoo pen has stronger strength in piercing the skin as there is no shrapnel buffer. It is easy to have needle marks in light colors. It requires a certain skill and time to adapt. However, the body is light and easy to change needles. An excellent tattoo pen can be used in a variety of styles. Tattoo pens are also predicted to be the future trend of tattoo tools. After all, the tattoo pen is relatively easy to operate and improve work efficiency.

Choose a Simple Design

If it is your first time to tattoo yourself, it’s likely not the best time to ink a complicated image. You could go with a simple and small outline-style tattoo, something that you'll be able to add to later if necessary. Here are some great ideas for you:
Small line-drawings of animals

Stars tattoo


Crosses tattoo

Anchors tattoo

Hearts tattoo

Alien tattoo

Music Notes tattoo

Yin-Yang tattoo


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