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Stop Tattooing on Your Pets in the Name of "Beauty"!

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

Because of you're aesthetic, they have endured the most painful hours in their life!! Every cat keeper and his own hair cat have different feelings and different stories. But all of them have the same feeling, that is, each one hopes that the time will be slower, and their own cat can stay with him/her for a little longer.
In the lapse of time, everyone has chosen to use different methods to commemorate the time that they have spent with their pets. For example, some cat keepers will choose to get a tattoo, the name of the cat, and so on.
It’s in 2019 now, and it’s not a rare thing to have a tattoo. However, I have heard of people getting tattoos, have you heard of tattoos for cats?
what are you talking about
Speaking of tattoos for cats, the Ukrainian girl, Elena Ivanickaya, in order to make her sphynx cat, Yasha, look as charming and individual as her, and bring it to get a tattoo!
tattooed sphynx cat
Is it cool? I don’t think so.
She chose Winged Anubis-an Egyptian god-as a pattern, the tattoo artist used the tattoo kits inked to Yasha’s sensitive fragile chest. It looked painful that it was pulled around the neck.
sphynx cat tattooing
After she posted the picture, the netizens talked about it and accused her:
UAnimals, the largest animal protection organization in Ukraine, said that although its owner felt that tattooing was an interesting thing, it was the most painful hours in their life for cats.
However, in the face of the rush of criticism, she did not agree: "I love Yasha more than anyone else. It has its own Instagram homepage, eats fresh oysters, eats and drinks every day, and lives a much better life then you losers.”
Yasha Instagram
 Not only that but what even more irritating is that she actually went back to the netizens to defend her behavior:
"The cat has been cared for and has not suffered any harm."
“I consulted a veterinarian and the vet has no opinion”
"The tattoo is on the upper layer of the skin, only 1-2 mm, and it did not feel any pain."
"I will not spay Yasha like some people. That is the cruelest thing for it.”
Listen to this, O! M! G! What a shame! In order to attract attention to tattoo a cat, and it is no different from animal cruelty.
Netizens can't help petition, asking her to stop using Ins and delete her account, the local police have also been involved in the investigation. if it is confirmed that Yasha is ill-treated, then the girl will be brought into criminal proceedings.
 well done
A tattoo artist called Aleksandr, also tattooed her pet cat Demon on its back with a large pattern:
Aleksandrsphynx cat Demon
There are prison towers, cigarette, playing cards, and a sexy and charming woman – these are typical Russian crime patterns.
Demon is being tattooed
At this moment, I couldn't help but wonder. They didn't understand. Why did the veterinarian say that they have no opinions?
The doctors at the pet hospital should have the heart and aim to treat the lives of animals. Why do they say nothing about tattooing pets? Any doctors with conscience and responsibility will not watch the animals being sent to the operating table.
Because of the innate special defects, the sphynx cat has only a thin layer of fluff covering the body, and the oil secretion is strong. It needs more careful maintenance than ordinary cats to keep their skin clean and tidy.
This is their biggest feature. Because of this, they are chosen by tattooists and are considered as the best choice for pet tattoos.
 Their skins are not protected by hair, so they are extremely sensitive and fragile, and any little damage will cause pain and discomfort. Before the tattoo, the cats will be anesthetized. Regardless of the anesthesia method, inhalation anesthesia, injection anesthesia or local anesthesia, it is risky for the cats!
What's more, the pigments used in tattoos will be delivered into the cat's skin and penetrate into the cat's skin. The sphynx cats can't get anything except the risk of the worst infection.
The bad habit of giving sphynx cats tattoos has also appeared in China:
tattoo on sphynx cat
A video blogger publicly broadcasted the whole process of sphynx cats tattoos on social software. He is self-proclaimed as "the best cat keeper in the tattoo artist, scientific breeding, and loving cats like his life." I would like to ask someone who really loves cats, will give their beloved cat such a colorful tattoo?
tattooed cat
When you are to wear clothes, are you picking the one you like? If someone else forces you to wear a dress that you don’t like, Will you wear it? Will you be happy even if you wear it?
 So I just want to ask, did you ask the cat before the tattoo? Does it tell you "Yes, I do" or does it say "I like it"?
Of course, they still can't say anything, so they are forced to accept their "new clothes."
 In the movie "Red Cherry", the orphan, Chuchu, was taken away by a German invader who had a special hobby and loved to tattoo on women body, and she began her nightmare life.
He was doing his "masterpiece" on Chuchu’s back. Even though she was desperately rebellious, finally, the needle was still plunged into the skin, and a shameful Nazi Eagle tattoo was engraved on her back.
The humiliating sufferings, like the tattoos, are deeply pierced into her heart, with physical and psychological double injuries, thus she ended her miserable life.
The scene of being persecuted is so vivid that people feel so strong, let alone the animals. Never impose the beauty you think, on other lives!
It is not in accordance with the cat's living habits to give pets a tattoo or dye or to wear them all kinds of funny clothes. It is only "you" taking it for granted. I believe that many people still are doing it, but we do not know. Animals don't have the same aesthetics as humans. They just want to live in this world. They don't have the ability to convey such a desire for us. Then are we willing to spend a more minute to think about it once standing., in their perspective?

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