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The History of Tattoos

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

In ancient times and some of the more primitive peoples of modern times, tattooing was a ritual in which a needle stuck with color or ink penetrated the skin and left an imprint on the skin. It is a kind of faith. This kind of ritual with patience and pain is as important as religious totems. In ancient times, the decoration of tattoos has important religious significance and magic. People will be able to withstand this pain and become heroes. Some people use tattoos to celebrate the adulthood of a person. Some ethnic groups think that tattoos can prevent diseases. Even exorcism or immortality.Religious tattoo
However, the tattoo was originally based on the original aim of survival. People imitated the exotic colors and textures on the fur, pierced the skin with bone needles and insoluble plant juices, leaving behind lines similar to animals to hide the jungle. This is the earliest tattoo. Later, with the improvement of civilization, tattoos have been given the meaning of decoration, totem worship, commemoration and so on. Another way of saying is that tattoos originate from human-animal worship. Ancient people envy different kinds of bright colors and textures on furs and use colorful paints to simulate various beautiful things in nature.Stick-Poke-Tattoo
After the Stone Age, tattoos appeared for the first time in Egypt and China. The tattoo was considered a symbol of wealth and social status at that time. Later became the identity of the tribe, the original decoration, religious mascots.History-Of-Tattoos
Tattooing in Egypt dates back to 2000 BC, a mummy that has been stored in the pyramids of Egypt for more than 4,000 years, there are prominent tattoo masterpieces on the nobles of men and women. Egyptians use tattoos to classify a class to represent a specific industry. Besides, Egypt is the first nation in the world to use tattoos for beauty. From the statues of white jade unearthed from the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, it can be seen that ancient Egyptians had the custom of eyebrow tattoos and tattoo lines. As a totem, Egyptians call themselves "sons of the eagle."Tattooed-Mummy
It can be traced back to 3,500 years ago in China. It was then used as a penalty, namely, ‘face and ink punishment’.Dragon is the unique totem of the Chinese nation. Its unparalleled form and the magic power it has been given have been widely worshipped. Dragon, as a collection of many ferocious animals, also expressed the desire to acquire the magical power of the natural world to strengthen itself.arm-chinese-dragon-mens-tattoos
Later, tattoos spread throughout the world with the development of seafaring history:
The higher the Maori status in New Zealand, the more tattoo designs.Maori-Tattoos-12
It was brought to Japan by China 2500 years ago. The tattoo art developed based on ukiyo-e painting in Japan is a representative of oriental tattoo art.cool-old-school-waves-japanese-half-sleeve-tattoo-ideas-for-guys
In 1619, seafarers took tattoos back to Europe. Since then, tattoos have taken root in Europe... Europe tattoo
From the very beginning of the original purpose of survival, tattoos gradually evolved into a way to beautify themselves for beauty, superstition, and commemoration.
In ancient times, tattoos were used as a symbol of crime. In modern times, tattoos were often associated with religious beliefs, the symbolism of power positions, and criminal gangs. These all have the meaning of commemorating differences.
After World War II, European tattoos were greatly developed. The survivors who lost their loved ones during the war often demanded the engraving of the names of the most loved ones or their favorite things during their lifetime, Lover. Ladies often wear flowers, roses, etc. on white skin to commemorate and beautify them.flower-tattoos
The tattoo can also be used to motivate people to remind themselves, such as expressing self-consciousness of heroes, encouraging motivation, pursuing beauty, and identifying clan.war tattoo
Since most modern times, most churches have opposed tattoos. It may be that the process of acupuncture tattoos is understood to be an uncivilized form. Therefore, the church believes that tattoos evolved from paganism and witchcraft.
However, in today's pursuit of individuality, clothing dresses pay attention to unconventional era, as a sign engraved on the body, the tattoo becomes a new fashion accessory. The greatest credit is due to the tattoo machine invented by Americans in the 19th century. This revolution makes the birth of a tattoo no longer a painful process. Everyone can obtain a totem of their own through a quick, hygienic and painless method.first tattoo machine patent
Of course, there are still some places still have original acupuncture tattoos, such as Thailand, if you want to feel that kind of unforgettable religious ceremonies, it is worth a try, after all, this original method is more able to retain the piercing into the skin for a long time color.
Today, tattoos use ink to penetrate the skin's epidermis and leave ink on the skin. It does not touch the skin dermal layer, so unless the tattooist is too heavy or wrong, it is generally not bloody.Getting-a-Sak-Yant-Tattoo-in-Bangkok-1
Many people became scared of it at first and later fell in love with it, suffering from so-called tattoo addiction. Some people want a tattoo for falling in love with someone they don't want to forget. Someone wants a tattoo because they have experienced an important milestone in life. Someone simply wants to wear a short-sleeved shirt to reveal a cooler arm and want a tattoo.girl-arm-tatoo-psoriasis
It is undeniable that today, tattooing is not only a statement of a rebellious personality but more importantly, it is a fashion sublimation. Not only reflect your personality, reflect your beliefs, but more importantly, match your style of clothing.
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