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Do You Know Tattoo Search Data on Pinterest in 2019?

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

Pornhub and Pinterest are two famous websites to search for pictures. I call them P websites. They offer a real feast for many netizens’ eyes. Users under 18 years old are banned from Pornhub. So today, I am going to introduce Pinterest only. As one of the most well-known photo websites in western countries. Without it, 80% of design workers will lose their inspiration. It is also a great tool to search for tattoo designs. It displays images like a waterfall. You don’t need to turn pages, new images are automatically loaded at the bottom of the page. Depending on the image you are searching for, the system will automatically recommend you similar images, so that users can continually discover new images and then realize themselves seeing the pictures till the middle of the night.
Pinterestwormholetattoosupply pinterest

Not only do many designers and tattoo artists use it to find inspiration, but many famous artists are also enthusiastic users. Winter Stone is a top celebrity tattoo artist who has designed tattoos for stars such as Miley CyrusEmma RobertsSophie Turner, and Demi Lovato. She said: "Pinterest is often used as a tool for inspiration. I have received a lot of graphic templates from customers that show what they want from them. Pinterest is a very useful tool in many ways."
tattooed women
Do you know, tattoos are one of the most popular search keywords on Pinterest. Between 2016 and 2019. the word tattoo has always been the top 20 search keywords.  "Tattoos" has been searched for more than a billion times.
Noticing that tattoos are so popular around the world, Pinterest has released the 2019 tattoo category search big data. As a member of the tattoo field, I know its influence on the tattoo lovers, and the big data report can also be seen as a chance to spy on the popular trend of global tattoo lovers.
Pinterest made detailed statistics on the theme, gender, and country. Let's see what kind of tattoos people around the world are looking for?
tattooed women
 1. In this article, keyword rankings display from top to bottom. Keyword rankings for tattoo art: body art, semi-permanent tattoo, body art painting.
body art
 2. Keyword rankings for inspirational tattoos: Inspiring Tattoo, Self-love Tattoo, This is my tattoo, Enjoy life tattoo.
Forearm tattoo for women
3. Keyword rankings for gender tattoos: Lesbian Tattoo, Transgender Tattoo, Gay Pride Tattoo, Female Strength Tattoo.
Lesbian Tattoo
Tattooer Winter Stone also said: "Pinterest has helped my clients a lot because they can really capture the great ideas they want to show me. Most of my clients can't paint. So they take Pinterest as a source of inspiration and find something that appeals to them.
4. Keyword ranking for tattoo designs: red ink tattoo, 3D tattoo, line tattoo.
3D tattoos
5. Keyword rankings for tattoo location: chest tattoos, calf tattoo, anterior thigh tattoo, male neck tattoo, spine tattoo, female throat tattoo,  tattoos under the hip.
chest tattoos for men
6. Male users search most: wolf tattoos, rose tattoos, tattoo sleeve, lion tattoos, old school tattoos.
lion tattoo for men
7. Female users search the most: small tattoos, flower tattoos, rose tattoos, sunflower tattoos, finger tattoo.
Finger tattoo for girl
It seems that men are more likely to look for tattoo sleeves and powerful animals. Women are more interested in finding smaller tattoos, prefer fingers instead of a tattoo sleeve. However, both women and men are searching for roses tattoos.
rose tattoo8. Pinterest counted tattoo search results in eight different countries around the world. In Argentina, Club Atlético River Plate tattoo (a soccer team), Feminist tattoo, Alien tattoo.
Riverbed Athletic Football Club tattoo
In Australia: symbolic tattoo, lip tattoo, mountain tattoo
hill tattoo
In Brazil: Nordic tattoo, mechanical tattoo, Van Gogh tattoo.
mechanical tattoo
In France: pink minimalist tattoo, Thai tattoo, bracelet tattoos
pink minimalist tattoo
In Germany: Celtic tattoos, meaningful tattoos, family tattoos
Celtic tattoos
In Japan: moon tattoo, white tattoo, semi-permanent Henna tattoo.
white tattoo
In Mexico: black tattoo, geometric tattoo, photo tattoo.
black tattoo
In the United Kingdom: Love yourself tattoos, cute tattoos, female facial tattoos.
female tattoo
In the United States: Heart Tattoo, Tortoise Tattoo, Queen Tattoo
Tortoise Tattoo9. From the results of the national tattoo search, it is not difficult to figure out that they are inextricably linked with the characteristics of their living environment. For example, Mexico searches for black tattoos most, because Mexicans mostly have dark skin, and color tattoos are difficult to be aesthetically pleasing in them, and they can't even be seen at all... (Mexicans are Spanish and Latin American mixed-races, and their skin is dark.)
black tattoos
Japanese searches for semi-permanent and white tattoos the most. Japanese tattoos have been intertwined with gangsters since their inception. Japanese usually think that tattoos belong to gangsters. So the Japanese will do some inconspicuous or even temporary tattoos.
gangsters tattoo
As a football country, Argentina does not have a moment of separation from football. There are more than 200 football leagues and more than 3,000 football clubs in the country, and there are football matches every day. The searched rate of their native football clubs tattoo reached 1,084%. By the way, the Argentina football king Messi is also a tattooed madman.Messi tattoo
When I was looking for information, I also found that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) statistics showed that heart disease ranked first among the top 10 causes of death in the United States. The American Heart Association has investigated and finds that every 34 seconds an American has died of heart and vascular disease. The reason why heart tattoos rank first in American tattoo search may be related to this.

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