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Lead a Colorful Life with Top Quality Wormhole Tattoo Kit

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

Lead a Colorful Life with Top Quality Wormhole Tattoo Kit
Art is Within Reach
Hangzhou, China-September 20, 2018- Wormhole, a leading global online tattoo retail company, has recently launched its professional and complete tattoo kits suitable for beginners, learners, and artists.
Wormhole is an acclaimed global online wholesale supplier of the latest in tattoo machine, tattoo needles, tattoo pen, tattoo grips, tattoo tips, tattoo kit, tattoo equipment, and many more fantastic items and gift ideas.
The popular series of tattoo kits includes all tattoo supplies like tattoo needles, power supply, clip cord, foot pedal, ink caps, tips, grommets, o-rings, rubber bands, etc.
The brand-new kit TK1000085 is not only tailored for consumers interested in tattooing, but it also does less harm to the environment due to its disposable tubes. It contains all items needed so that consumers can tattoo themselves when they receive it.


What distinguishes Wormhole from other online retailers is the quality and strict safety tests of their products. Each item is designed precisely to ensure higher practicability and resistance. Tattoo clip cords, foot pedals and tattoo machines come with a six-month warranty. The raw material of each device is selected with strict standards to make sure the product is worth every penny. Tattoo supplies, especially tattoo needles, are also sterilized with EO Gas. This high-quality and skin friendly product caters to domestic and foreign consumers.


The liner and shader of the professional tattoo kit represents an excellent opportunity for consumers to create variously artistic works. Those who are crazy about tattooing can make anything in their minds become reality. Men may want to tattoo adventurous images — like eagles — to portrait masculinity, while women may prefer to tattoo gentle images —like butterflies — to express a sense of femininity.
With as many as 40 bottles of colorful inks, consumers can enrich their works to make them vivid and vibrant. It will be easier for artists to achieve astonishing tattoo works by making a full use of their creativity.
“One must sharp tools to make incredible works. DIY tattoo is and will be a long-lasting trend. Wormhole provides consumers with complete, professional, safe, and high-quality tattoo kits to fulfill their passion for ink” said the general manager of Wormhole, Wu Jian.


If you want to buy a tattoo set, please contact Wormhole Tattoo