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Thousands of People Are Moved by Her Tattoo Story

November 20, 2019 by J Wu  

When it comes to tattoos, the pictures that come to your minds are these cool tattoos.
Tortoise tattoo for men
Rose tattoo
Or small tattoos for girls, like those.
heart tattoo for girls
small tattoos
Or tattoos that hang on a European or American body.
tattoo for men

TVXQ tattooTVXQ 
leg tatoo for men

Left leg and right leg
Many South Korean stars also have tattoos, and each tattoo has a special meaning.
Kim Jae-joong and Park Yoo-chun
For example, Kim Jae-joong and Park Yoo-chun got the same tattoos at the same body part, “Always keep the faith”.
Kim Hyun-ah
Kim Hyun-ah got a phrase tattoo on her back "My mother is the heart that keeps me alive". It seems that Hyuna is also a gentle girl with filial piety.
Yong Jun-hyung
The male group Highlight member, Yong Jun-Hyung got a tattoo "Born again still your son" on the collarbone, which shows his affection for his father and mother.
However, recently, an ordinary person's tattoo was shared thousands of times on the South Korean Internet! Here it is!
tattoo for girl
Do you want to ask: What is special about this tattoo? I want to say that this is a tearful tattoo.
It is a tattoo artist in South Korea who post the tattoo on SNS. Tattooists often publish some of their own works on their own SNS, and tattoos they tattooed for others. Her tattoo designs are generally beautiful and cool style.
tattoo for girls
tattoos for girls
tattoos for girl
This tattoo is not the same as the others! It is a folded paper money with simple lines. And there is a touching story behind this tattoo.
money tattoo
The tattoo is for a girl who came to her shop. The young girl's grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's disease. Although she has no memory, she still remembered to give her granddaughter pocket money. The 50,000 won is the grandmother’s savings in the countryside. The girl worried that the 50,000 won was the last pocket money that Grandma gave her, so she stamped the 50,000 won as a tattoo on her own body.
Many internet citizens cried after seeing it! They all expressed that they were moved by the feelings of the girl and grandmother, cheering for her!
The girl with this tattoo was brought up by her grandmother who lost her memory of dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease. As one of the fastest-growing population aging countries in the world, South Korea’s population aged and over 65 accounted for 38.2% of the total population by 2050. The number of Alzheimer's patients is also increasing rapidly, and it is predicted that the number of sick people will increase to 1.27 million in 2030!
oh my god
In order to deal with the society that is gradually becoming “aging”, the South Korean government announced to promote“State Responsibility System for Alzheimer's Disease” program in 2017, which is aimed at helping the demented elderly and their families. The specific measures include expanding the scope of Medicare for Alzheimer's disease and expending Alzheimer's disease management agency.
South Korean government
South Korean government
As of September last year, there were 47 Alzheimer's Support Centers in Seoul, South Korea. After the reorganization, there were 252 “Dementia Centers for Dementia” in the country since December last year, which can provide advice, initial diagnosis, management of a medical integration service for elderly nationals.
In order not to let the elderly citizens fall into poverty and despair, the government made plans timely and introduced relevant policies to protect the people’s rights, and not give up the right of senior citizens to live a better old age!
elderly citizens
Such a humanized policy should not be well promoted? On January 29th, South Korea Pikicast YOUTUBE channel opened a public service advertisement. The Qingwatai government also participated in the production, which is an advertisement about the “State of Responsibility System for Dementia”.
tearful story
This advertisement was praised by the nationals as soon as it was released because of the touching story plot! 
It's so realistic that tearful stories
At the beginning of the video, a little girl was applying lipstick, but the technique was very unfamiliar, and even it was painted over the lip... friendship reminder, there is a reversal at the end! Please prepare napkins!

Video content: "Mom" came in and complained about the little girl. The little girl smiled and asked "Mom" "Beautiful?". (Narrator: I became a mother. Until now I realized that becoming a mother needs more patience and understanding.)
The little girl is dressed and wants to go to the market with "mother". But the socks are worn wrong... (Narrator: But I will work harder because I am a mother.)
After arriving at the market, the little girl said to the "mother", "We are going to buy stuffed cakes." "Mom," said, "Why do we buy a stuffing cake, you don't like it." But the little girl insisted going, "Mom" agreed. But before buying the stuffed cake, they went to the small vegetable store first. When "Mom" tried to eat, she turned and found that the little girl was gone. Until it is dark, "Mom" suddenly remembered that the little girl was going to buy the stuffed cake. So she rushed to the stuffing stall and found the little girl who was holding the stuffed cake on the side of the road. "Mom" complained that she said, "How long have I been looking for you? Why are you so irritating! When did you start to like these things!" The little girl said wrongly, "No, don't you like stuffed cakes?" ?". At this time, the camera shifts, the little girl becomes an old woman, the old woman is a mother, and she is suffering from dementia.
 realistic tearful stories
realistic tearful stories
The mother’s memory is still in her daughter’s childhood. she said, “I want you to bring you (cakes) when you go to school tomorrow.” The daughter cried and hugged her mother. (Narrator: I became a mother. I became a mother's "mother.")
realistic tearful storiesrealistic tearful stories
The real mother remembers nothing at all, but still remembers what her daughter loves to eat! When a friend commented that he cried like a baby when he saw the little girl became a mother.
Why do we cry
We should all treat our parents better. Even if they are getting older, they are not as strong as they used to be, and they cannot hold up for us. Even if they lose their past feelings and become unconscious, their love for us has always been the same, like the original.
family photo

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