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UFO Led High Bay Lights Use Key

November 22, 2019 by xiangrui light  

    UFO LED High Bay Lights is a long life luminaire? In our cognition, this can be said to be recognized. UFO LED High Bay Lights was designed to replace traditional mining lamps because of the high energy consumption, in order to achieve energy savings. We know that UFO LED High Bay Lights have a long service life, but we don't know which factors determine the longevity of UFO LED High Bay Lights. Today, tuoxiang lighting is interpreted for everyone:

    Constant current power supply: high current control accuracy and current stability. Uniquely designed safety isolation circuit with overload, short circuit and thermal protection for high reliability and long life of UFO LED High Bay Lights;


    Heat-dissipating material: UFO LED High Bay Lights uses aluminum profile heat dissipation, and the surface is sprayed with corrosion-resistant super-thermal metal paint. The lamp and chip are perfectly matched to ensure sufficient heat dissipation and improve heat dissipation efficiency.