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Cassava starch processing plant for cassava starch making

November 23, 2019 by Elina Wu  

There are five major sections in cassava starch processing plant: Washing & Crushing Sections, Screening Sections, Concentrating Sections, Drying Section and Packing Section. DOING has its own factory and entire cassava starch processing plant, so we can offer you the best service, production and competitive price of cassava starch processing.

Cassava starch processing machine includes these main parts: Dry Sieve, Paddle Washing, Cutting, Rasper, Centrifuge Sieve, Fine Fiber Sieve, Hydrocyclone Station, Peeler Centrifuge, Drying Process, Packing Process.

Cassava starch processing machine

On the following is the detailed information of each section.

A Cleaning machine:

The most wildly used cassava cleaning machine is called dry sieve. This cassava starch processing plant is normally used in the first step in cassava starch production line. The cassava cleaning machine is mainly used for removing the sand, soil and other debris.

Cassaav cleaning machine

B Washing machine:

Paddle washing machine is the most widely used cassava washing machine whose main function is to further wash the attached dirt, mud, sand, ect. This cassava starch processing plant adopts the countercurrent washing principle so that the material can be washed completed and thoroughly.


C Grinding machine:

Grinding is an important process in the cassava starch processing plant. Therefore grinding machine is an important cassava starch processing machine. DOING raper is an high efficient grinding machine which can fully grind cassava into slurry. This machine adopts bidirectional grinding design which ensures a higher grinding coefficient.

Cassava crushing machine

D Separating machine:

In this process, the mainly used cassava starch processing plant includes centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve. Centrifuge sieve is a machine which take use of high speed centrifugal force to separate the fiber from starch. And the fine fiber sieve is used maily for removing the fine fiber from starch to further improve the quality of the final products. The working principle of fine fiber sieve is low speed centrifugal force separation.

E Desander machine:

The main function of the cassava desander is to remove sand out of starch slurry. We all know that the sand content of cassava is high. If the sand is not removed, it will influence the taste of the final products. Therefore the desander machine is a necessary cassava starch processing plant.

F Concerntration and refining machine:

Hydrocyclone station is the mainly used cassava starch processing plant for remove the protein, cell fiber, cell sap out of starch milk. And a complete hydrocyclone station contains the concerntration, refining and recycling.


G Dewatering machine:

Cassava dewater machine is mainly used for reduce the water content of cassava starch. The most widely used cassava starch processing plant for this process is peeler centrifuge which is a continous operation machine. Afte the dewatering process, the water content of wet starch is about 38%.

H Drying machine:

Flash dryer is the extemsively used cassava drying machine whose main function is to dry the wet starch coming from the vacuum filter. The working principle of this cassava starch processing plant is negative press drying which can drying the material within few seconds.

cassava drying machine flash dryer


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