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Programming Helper Tips; 3 Ways to Escape Programming Plagiarism

November 25, 2019 by Programmingassignmenthelper  

Programming in many aspects, measures the creativity of a student. It is different from other fields as it does not have citation standards in research papers. According to research, more than half of academic codes violations are involved in programming. If you desire to escape plagiarism in programming classes, then listen to the instructor.  Ask questions when you are unsure of proceeding. The instructors will guide you on plagiarism and how to do citations. Thus, focus on the following issues.

·        Rules on using outside code- Learn when it is acceptable to use external codes. Many classes will allow outside codes but only from approved sources.

Knowing when and where to get the code, it's possible to avoid plagiarism

·        Understand rules on collusion-Many students’ deal with collusion, from copying their peers’ solutions. Understand how you can help yourself in class to prevent cheating allegations.

·        Know how to cite unoriginal content- Know when to use code either from your classmates or another source. Also clearly understand how to cite your work.

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