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Know how to choose best quality lab gemstones

November 26, 2019 by gemsn gems  

The lab gemstones have long been captured by humanity's attention. They lured with their magnificence, variety of properties and colour range, strength, excellent match during the finals. Researchers are observing gems, studying their properties and discovering new possibilities, looking carefully at the effects of minerals on the fate and character of their owners. Green is the colour of nature itself. It is able to maintain balance and harmony in the human body. It will also help restore strength and youth.


Gems of green colour make up the largest group of minerals. Their palette is as close to natural as possible. Green with its various shades does not cause irritation, it acts soothing. This colour is characterized by the best qualities of a person: generosity, kindness, ability to empathize, and a willingness to always save.

Below is list of top lab grown gems


What is the name of the gemstone in green? The first thing that comes to mind is the emerald. It is very beautiful jewel, expensive and precious. There were times when he was given more money than a diamond.

Lab emerald is gems of green colour. Their palette is very rich, with a shade of dark green. Emerald has always been embedded in ornaments and used in magical rituals. The history of this stone goes back centuries. In nature, it is very difficult to find an emerald.

There are many legends associated with this green wonder of nature. The emerald is said to be ready to serve only a person who is bright in thought and pure soul. He does not tolerate lies and lies. In combination with other minerals, the emerald acquires new properties. In the brink of gold, he can save a person from insomnia. The mineral protects sailors from shipwrecks. And if you carry it around your neck, you can improve your memory. Has a calming effect on the psyche.

To the people born under the sign of Leo and Cancer, emerald becomes a loyal assistant and reliable defender. To repel insomnia and irritating nightmares, strengthen the heart and develop the ability to make the only true decisions - all of these can be emeralds.


Malachite, jade and chrysolite - stones, precious, green colours have become very popular lab grown gemstones.  Malachite from ancient times is considered a stone by scientists and doctors. At first he was recognized and appreciated for his strength, a little later they began to celebrate the beauty. You have a gem in the Urals. Even in ancient times, our ancestors noticed that they were best combined with silver.

Malachite mascot allows the owner to orphan spiritually. For children, make a stone amulet, hang it around your neck or tie it to a baby cot. The baby sleeps quietly, his breathing lit. Malachite is needed for creators to attract the attention and love of viewers. People born under the sign of Libra, Taurus and Leo need this. They are advised to wear ornaments of this mineral.

This gem has unique healing properties. Malachite bracelet strengthens hair growth, can relieve asthmatic attack, and improve eyesight. Malachite plastics can help relieve rheumatism if applied to problem areas.

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