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Costa Rica Vacations - Costa Rica Scuba Diving

November 26, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  


TamaDive may be the leading center for your diving and completely ready to meet up your entire diving objectives in an exceedingly pleasant environment. Since years, we have taken plenty of divers to learn the beauties that people can find underneath the warm seas of Costa Rica. Visit our website Tamadive.com and guide your diving NOW when you visit Costa Rica and have a fantastic knowledge!

If you're on a Costa Rica vacations, you mustn't miss Scuba Diving. Costa Rica is known by scuba diving fans for some popular resorts such as for instance Isla del Coco, Tamarindo (Catalina Islands) and Isla Cano.  When you jump to the oceans you can't assume the clarity of some Mediterranean seas and the dives are generally in current but the encounters tend to be truly breathtaking.
Oftentimes, Scuba Diving Costa Rica is aimed at specialists however in some smaller places, it is probable to access also for beginners with the help of a good guide. And who can be better than TamaDive? We're concentrated not only on customized support but we also concentrate on the safety and security of our divers.
Scuba Diving in Costa Rica is the absolute most exciting actions you are able to do. This is a suggestive way to combine sport and nature, in certain of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The absolute most popular diving resorts in the united states are Cocos Island and Playas del Coco, which despite what you may think are not at all close to each other. If you're preparing for Costa Rica tours, you must plan to jump through your stay. In the weeks between December and April, the seas are colder, about 21o C, while from May to December the common temperature is 27o C.
TamaDive also presents the very best PADI Diving Course. If you're a newcomer and have no experience of shark diving Flamingo, don't worry. Our PADI dive instructor may show you carefully and you will also get yourself a certificate.
In Tamarindo diving, the marine species that can be observed have a tendency to range throughout the periods: in the summertime weeks, it will undoubtedly be probable to see dolphins, mantas and humpback whales. In winter months year turtles of various species, huge manta rays, and whale sharks. Throughout the year, eagle rays, eels, octopus, butterfly fish, and angelfish are observed. Peculiarities of the Cocos Island are the opportunity to match hammerhead sharks.