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Top 5 home remedies to remove tan from your skin layer

November 26, 2019 by lcarscom  

Facial tan is one of the types of disappointment to many women. Today, not only female even male have an issue of dark skin layer. The best thing that you can do is apply some home remedies. There are many chemical rich products available in the market. But, it is good to avoid. The question on how to remove tan will be answered in this content.

Top tips to remove tan from your skin  

1.       Gram flour face pack

The gram flour specially known as besan in India is available right at home. You have to make a pack with it to remove tan from skin. You have to take a mixing bowl. Add two tablespoon of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, rose water and mix for mixing the stuff. Make a semi solid paste. Apply it over your face keep till kit dries. Then remove with luke warm water.

2.       Honey and lemon juice

The honey is very easily available at every home. Thus, using it for a tan pack will be a good idea. But, you have to add lemon juice in it. The two ingredients lemon juice which is natural bleach and the honey that makes your skin smooth and soft can solve your problem how to remove tan. Just take a spoon of honey with 2-4 drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the areas where you have tan,

3.       Cucumber and rose water

You can use this face pack in tow different ways. First you can slice one cucumber and add the rose water over its slice. Then apply it over the skin where you have tan. Alternatively you can blend the cucumber and extract juice from it. Then add a spoon of rose water in it. Mix it and use a cotton ball to apply it all over your face. Let it drya nad then you can wash away.

4.       Yogurt and tomato

Something which is sour in taste must have citrus. It is the natural element which removes the dark tinge. May it be from skin or any other metal? Now, both tomato as well as yogurt is sour in taste. Thus, it can easily remove the unwanted tan layer from your skin. Take one table spoon of yogurt and same quantity of tomato. Mix and apply on your skin, You will get magical result.

5.       Potato with lemon juice

Potato is a wonderful cleansing agent. Even if you have dark circles under your eyes potato can easily remove it. Now, in order to remove the sun burn and tan layer from your skin make a perfect combination of lemon juice and potato. Just slice potato and put it in blender. Get out the juice from it. Now, add lemon juice in it. Apply it with cotton ball and let it dry. Remove it with luke warm water.

The issue on how to remove tan has been easily resolved. But, for all the remedies mentioned above in this article one thing is very common. You should apply these face packs atleast twice in a week. You can get results in a month.