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Information about the Eyelash Extension Training in Los Angeles:

November 26, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Are you thinking of becoming a certified professional in eyelash extensions and increasing your customer base and income? You have come to the right place. 

As with technology and many other industries, you need continuous training, even as a successful professional. Trends change continuously, equipment and techniques also change all the time.

Eyelash extensions are growing rapidly in popularity and the demand for Eyelash Extension Training in Los Angeles is booming.

If you want to be certified Microblading Classes in Los Angeles do not miss to contact us today. 

Information about the Eyelash Extension Training in Los Angeles:

We offer full courses in eyelash applications for individuals, beauty schools and companies that wish to master the lucrative and rewarding eyelash services. 

Our intensive course is 2 days (16 hours) and includes your professional eyelash installation kit. It is the perfect mix of theory, understanding and practice workshop. Our mission is to provide adequate education to the next eyelash technicians to ensure their success in the industry.

At the end you will master the application of Classic and Volume eyelash extensions, you can quickly identify the recommended size and thickness according to the needs of your client, as well as other advanced techniques of applying eyelashes efficiently and safely.

Students are not required to have any experience before this class. We keep our class size small, this allows for more 1-in-1 interaction that results in higher education success.

In Micropigmentation Training in Los Angeles, you will learn:

- Anatomy of the Eye and Understanding the Forms of the Eyes

- Anatomy and Physiology of the Eyelash.

- Eyelash Application

- Complete and Partial Sets

- Correcting Eyelashes

- Different Types of Eyelashes

- Shapes and Maps for Eyelash Style

- Tools for Eyelash Extensions

- Aftercare Instructions

- Filling Instructions

- Irritations and Common Allergies

- The Eyelashes in Bad Condition

- Bonding of Eyelashes and Effective Union Tips

- Posture and Hand Shape

- Preparing the Client

- Preparation of Natural Eyelashes

- Removal Process

- Products to Use for the Application


- Safety and Sanitation Protocols

- Eyelash Selection

- Problem-solving

- Eyelash Insulation Technique

At biotouchacademy.com, we also offer Paramedical Tattoo Training in Los Angeles. This training includes covering burns marks, vitiligo, surgical scars, and stretch marks with medical micro-pigmentation. It also deals with 3D Areloa tatto to recreate the appearance of the areloa. That is practiced commonly on breast cancer survivors.