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Hyundai Excavator 210LC-7 Tech Information & Reviews

November 28, 2019 by dave  

Here is a instruction and reviews on Hyundai excavator 210LC-7.

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Even more visibility than before, for safer, more efficient operating.

Excellent Ventilation
Ventilation has been improved by the addition of the larger fresh air intake system, and by providing additional air flow throughout the cab.
Sliding front and side windows provide improved ventilation.
A large sunroof offers upward visibility and additional ventilation.

Comfortable Operator Environment
The control levers and seat can be adjusted to provide maximum operator comfort.
The seat is fully adjustable for optimum operating position, reducing operator fatigue.
Console boxes slide forward and backward for improved accessibility.
The proportional pressure controls reduce unnecessary exertion while ensuring precise operation.
Large windows allow excellent visibility in all directions.

Low Noise Design
The Robex 7 series was designed with low operation noise in mind.
Hyundai engineering helps to keep interior and exterior noise levels to a minimum.
The cab's noise levels have been additionally reduced by improving the door seals for the cab and engine compartments.
An insulated diesel engine compartment with sound-damping material also reduces noise.

Advanced CAPO System
The Advanced CAPO(Computer Aided Power Optimization) system maintains engine and mutual pump power at optimum levels. Mode selections
are designed for various work loads and maintaining high performance while reducing fuel consumption.
Features such as auto deceleration and power boost are included in the system.
The system monitors engine speed, coolant temperature, and hydraulic oil temperature.
Contained within the system are self diagnostic capabilities, which are displayed by error codes on the cluster.

Self Diagnosis System
The CPU controller diagnoses problems in the CAPO system caused by electric and hydraulic malfunctions and displays them on the LCD monitor
of the cluster by error codes. This controller has the capacity to identify 48 distinct types of errors. As the
information from this device, such as engine rpm, main pump delivery pressure, battery voltage, hyd.temperature, and the state of all types of electric
switches, provides the operator with a much more exact state of machine operating condition.
This makes the machine easier to troubleshoot when anything does go wrong.

Arm Flow Regeneration System
Arm flow regeneration valve provides smooth armin operation without cavitation.

Strong and Stable Lower Frame
Reinforced box-section frame is all welded, low-stress, high-strength steel.It guarantees safety and resistance against external impact when driving on rough ground and working on
wet sites through high tensile strength steel panels, with highly durable upper and lower rollers and track guards.
Long undercarriage incorporates heavy duty excavator style components.
X-leg type center frame is integrally welded for maximum strength and durability.