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Get the Solution of Quickbooks Error Code 1904

November 28, 2019 by Priyanka  

Quickbooks error code 1904 occurs when the software users try to access and to install the Quickbooks Desktop in the system. When you installing the Quickbooks Desktop in your system This Quickbooks error code 1904 is surly occurring your system and do the work process is too slow. These error tells the users when this error occurring your system then your company data files will not damaged or corrupt. In this error, your company data are properly safe and secure. This error message displayed on your system screen with the(file name, file path, and file extension).

Reasons behind the Error Code 1904 in Quickbooks Software

Due to some of these reasons the error code 1904 is occurring in your system and does the work slowly.

  • These error is appearing in the system when users of the company update or install the Quickbooks Desktop.

  • The security of the software is not to give permission to install the new Quickbooks Software.  

  • Company users and system files or data is not done the work fast and be damaged.

  • Due to the maintenance of the system, this error occurs in your program.

Get Solution of Error Code 1904 in Quickbooks software 

Install the Quickbooks File Doctor in the system:

  • To resolve this error in the first step you will restart your system.

  • Install the Quickbooks file doctor tool and run the tool in your system for find the error.

  • Locate wherever is the error code 1904 is occurs in your system.

  • Definitely, go to Quickbooks and see the Software is run or not.

  • And see the error occurs or not.

Changes your window account settings in the system:

  • In the first step close your Window Account of the system.

  • In the next step go to the File Explorer and choose the common file programs in the system.

  • Initiate the basic records in C drive and then open the sections and edit them.

  • Go to the Security button and again edit the security.

  • Choose the users sections and check you are authorized to access the information of the system

  • If yes then go to the apply button and OK it.

  • In the next step, install Quickbooks and go to the start option.

  • Search the cmd field in the system and check the window settings are changed or not.

  • If yes then the window account of your system is properly set up.

Install the clean install tool:

  • Firstly, install the clean install tool in your system.

  • For data clean your system you need to run the installed tool in the system.

  • And run it easily.

  • Then find the extra data or information about your system is blocked.

  • And tool is working properly.


We hope you will understand how the Quickbooks Error Code 1904 is fixed in easy and simple steps and this article will completely guide you.