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Want To Propose This Christmas - Aura Jewels

November 29, 2019 by Aura Jewels  

It’s November end, which brings us to the last month of the year, bringing with it lots of mixed feelings. This year end will bring lots of happy tears in our eyes remembering all those heart-melting moments we had this year. It would also bring lots of promising feelings to build up a resolution for the New Year that is to come. And, one of the best feelings that will come with it is the feeling of Christmas.



Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. It definitely is the best time of year for Christians, but it is also a great festive season for everyone across the globe. No matter what the caste or religion, everyone enjoys the feelings of happiness, joy, festivity, and warmth spread in the air. And, amongst all these feelings, one more wonderful feeling is that of love. If you are single yet and are in love, there can be no better time to propose her and let her know your feelings than this. The idea of a Winter proposal during this magical and special time can be one of the best plans you can have. To make your Winter proposal even more special and exciting, we have come up with 3 special proposal ideas that can give you a head start in your proposal plans.

“Will you marry me” bauble

With the Christmas tree being the most significant element of Christmas, you can use it to the most for your proposal plan. Get a “Will you marry me?” bauble ready, but don’t put it yet onto the Christmas tree. Hang it only on Christmas Eve, and have her to notice it. You could ask her to pick out her most favourite bauble, and while she is taking a look, you could get ready on your knees with a diamond ring in your hand.

Present opening ceremony

While you are having the present opening ceremony, you can let her know how you feel for her. Before beginning the ceremony, you can place your diamond ring box right at the bottom. Let it be the last present to be opened, and let her be the one to open it. She will definitely be surprised to receive that diamond ring, and you can always have a “Will you marry me” message inside to make your diamond ring shine even more. Or, you could sit beside her while she is opening the gift, and as she opens the box, you could whisper those four magical words in her ears.

The special winter walk

Take your love for a dinner on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, and after the dinner, you could always suggest a walk down the lane before dropping her home. While walking down, take her to a scenic area, and give her a simple distraction. While she is looking at what you are showing her, be quick to get down on your knee with the diamond ring in your hand, so that when she turns back to you, you will be ready to ask her that one enchanting question – “Will you marry me?”.

Use one of the above ideas that you think will be the best for you, and make your proposal completely heartfelt and perfectly romantic. But, in the process, don’t forget to get that amazing diamond ring for her well in advance. Choose from readily available designs, or have your design customized with her initial, her birthstone, or her favourite gem  mounted on the ring, at Aura Jewels, the best diamond jewellery shop in Bangalore.