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Vident iLink400 Chrysler Jeep Dodge Function List

November 30, 2019 by obd365  

2 weeks ago, I was interested in Vident ilink400 scanner, because I have Chrysler Jeep Dodge cars to diagnose and do some service reset such as oil service reset, injector coding etc. And then contacted videntstore.com, the guy sent me Vident ilink400 Chrysler function list that shared on their website: http://www.videntstore.com/upload/pro/19110115725900249745.xlsx
I’d like to generally conclude what functions it can perform:
Read/erase codes…Confirmed
Freeze frame data…Confirmed
Live data…Confirmed
Graph and compare live data…Confirmed
ECU information...Confirmed
Active test…Confirmed
Advanced ID…Confirmed
Oil service light reset…Confirmed
Bake pad replacement…Confirmed
Steering angle sensor reset…Confirmed
Battery reset…Confirmed
ABS bleeding…Confirmed
Electronic throttle sensor reset…Confirmed
Te pressure sensor reset…Confirmed
Regeneration of diesel particulate filter…Confirmed
Immobilizer programming…Confirmed
Injector coding…Confirmed
ABS bleeding…Confirmed
After reading the function list, I decided to have one at 129usd.
This is all what I received: one unit with one 16pin cable, one user guide, one usb key.
Plug Vident ilink400 into the 16pin port of Chrysler, the machine will boot automatically.
Select “Chrysler”.
Manual selection.
Select Year (up to 2019).
Select Body, let’s have an overview what body are covered.






Next is to do OBD2 diagnosis job and service reset job with Vident ilink400.
Good day.