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Know about various Italian Pasta varieties:

December 2, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Pasta is one of the main varieties of Italy. If you are planning to start a restaurant, you should know about various Italian Pasta Varieties, go through the following article to know. Also, you can get in touch with www.italianfood.net – We have an extensive range of Italian Pasta Products.

The cannelloni:

They belong to the same family of pasta as lasagna and are generally associated with the same ingredients. The only difference is that with the cannelloni, the leaves are wrapped around the filling, rather than overlapping it. 

Therefore, they are part of the stuffed pasta. It looks very different when it comes to serving, and it makes a real difference in texture. Cannelloni is already available dry and in tubular form, which means that you just have to fill and bake them.


A small piece of puff pastry, folded over a spoonful of stuffing and tight to form a delicate package. The filling can be meat, vegetables, fish or cheese: everything is allowed. The sauces are also very varied. The filling and the sauce are designed to complement each other, with only a tender sheet of egg pasta keeping them separated until the last minute.

The Tortellini:

From the smallest to the largest, these pastes may resemble ravioli, but semicircular. They can be filled with meat, cheese or vegetables. They are excellent when served with light sauces or in thick soup based on broth.

As for stuffed pasta, they are the most frequent and known. But there are also the Agnolotti and the Mezzalunes.

The Orzos:

The Orzo is shaped like large grains of rice and is very popular in soups and salads.

The Vermicelli:

This variety is very well known and especially suitable for soups, they are a delight for both the little ones and the older ones. These are small thin pasta of a short length of about 2 cm.

The bells:

Meaning "bells" in Italian looks like small cones with blown edges. They are served hot with any type of sauce or cold. An excellent way to use them in pasta salads so does not hesitate to combine them with dried tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, and spinach.

The Casarecces:

Casarecce pasta is a very narrow, twisted and rolled tube, almost like a roller. Their special shapes make them pasta that can be served with a thick sauce and can also be used in a variety of casseroles.

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