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Mechanical or membrane keyboard which profile is best for you

December 4, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Computer keyboards can be found in two main types: membrane switch keypad, by far the most common, found on standard machines and even notebooks. And the mechanical, keyboards considered as more efficient and better performing, mainly desired by gamers. In the following text, you will understand what are the characteristics of each of these keyboard types to decide which one is best suited for your use.

The main use of the mechanical keyboard today is in games, especially those with a more competitive grip. Any player who has the ambition to excel at an eSport needs to consider a mechanical keyboard because of the greater accuracy provided by the individual key presses.

While much loved by gamers, mechanical keyboards are also useful for users who type a lot. Because the keys are operated by a spring mechanism, the haptic feedback on this model tends to be much more natural and comfortable. 

One way to understand why the mechanic is better for hard-working writers is the greater firmness of the keys: there is a membrane switch keyboard where the keys look a little loose and soft to the touch. This feature makes the user need more force to press them, increasing fatigue in prolonged use.

In addition, individual actuation tends to guarantee keypads with keys that are more spaced from each other, which is crucial to avoid typing errors. Strictly speaking, the mechanical keyboard can have two negative points, which need to be considered: first, they are much more expensive, with simpler models over $ 300 in some cases. Another detail is that they can be noisier than ordinary keyboards.

Membrane Keyboards are for ordinary users:

If you play casually, and even if you often enjoy big releases with no ambition to turn pro, good custom membrane switches meet your needs. The strength of this type is the undeniable fact that they are much cheaper: for $ 20 you buy a reasonable quality USB keyboard. 

There are more expensive options, such as ergonomic models from Logitech and Microsoft, which have higher quality silicone drive but don't cost as much.

In addition to casual gamers, who see only distraction in gaming, the printable membrane keypad is also ideal for those with home computer use. For writing your social media posts, chatting with your contacts, writing emails, and occasionally a school or college assignment, the membrane keyboard poses as the most appropriate choice.