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Know all about Hackers and about their working

December 4, 2019 by Netpredator  

Hacker: The term hacker can mean both a specialist in computer science and hacker action, that is to say, the main activity carried out by these specialists.  In both cases, the term refers to the search for solutions to avoid and exceed the security elements set up by computer software manufacturers to guarantee the protection of their products. Experts can also hack the administration of a system or network, a specific computer or the system of data protection of users. There are many sites that help you to hire a Hacker Online.




What is hacking?

Hacking is the act of diverting an object or entity from its primary purpose.  You can very well hack a potion distributor by dropping a pin on another one that was stuck. The example is ready to smile but it is a small hack, the normal use of the distributor is diverted to get a second can. The hacker is a person who seeks to know the detailed operation of a system looking for small tricks that it considers practical and that can create something different. It thus hijacks a system or network from its original purpose for example Mobile Hacking, computer hacking etc.


Features of hacker

The most common features that can be found in a hacker are the following:


* A hacker is an individual who has a fairly broad knowledge in the field of information and uses his skills to find so-called bugs or security flaws within a system.

* It is a bit out of social life which makes it an "exclave of systems."

* Hackers have hobbies such as science fiction, music, non-commercial cinema, chess, puzzles, intellectual games of all kinds and shortwave radio.

* Expert Hacker has no schedule; in fact a large majority prefers nightlife.

* The most common hacker personality characteristics are intelligence, curiosity, and ease of intellectual abstractions. The majority are individualistic and anti-conformist.

* Hackers usually read technical articles mainly obtained through the Internet, they usually read news of personal interest obtained through the Internet and notes of particular hobbies.  

* The vast majority of hackers does not follow or practice any sport. In case of any interest, they prefer to practice it than watch it on TV.


Abilities of a hacker

Once a hacker is found, how do you know if it is good? Here are some lists of abilities of Expert Hacker.


  • They do everything: When you have to meet a deadline, it is better to have someone who handles all alternatives, rather than a teacher specialized in a resource. News applications require data management, dynamic graphics and boldness.
  • They know how to tell a story: The narrative presentation requires ordering things in space and time. Find out which project you are most proud of, and ask him to tell you how it was created; this will reveal both your communication skills and your technical management.


They talk about the things they are going to do: Creating things quickly requires mixed teams working towards common goals. Each participant must respect their partners and be willing to negotiate. Unexpected obstacles often require quick plan adjustments and collective concessions.