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Biofertilizer production line designing

December 5, 2019 by zzhq  

In the fertilizer manufacturing process using the semi-automatical fertilizer machine to produce the fertilizer can improve the working efficient.At the same time,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.The biofertilizer production line is designed for producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator.

In the bio organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine and so on.And when producing the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is also designed for producing the fertilizer granulator.The fertilizer manufacturing process are not complex as the organic fertilizer production line,but some machines are used in the biofertilizer production line,it also can be used in the organic fertilizer production line.Like the disc granulator machine is used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,it also can be used to produce the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.

More other type fertilizer equipment are also needed in a complete fertilizer production line.Designing different type fertilizer production project,we need to choose the different type fertilizer machines to finish the production process.