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Be Careful When You Choose Intellectual Property In Business Branding

December 5, 2019 by Crag watson  

Doesn’t matter you are running an online or offline business, proper business branding is important for a successful business. When it is coming to the techniques of Branding Perth, it means creating one’s very own brand that will be used to identify your business. You know that you will need to come out with something unique both in terms of business name and in terms of all the creative artwork that helps people identify and connect with your brand.


All this creative artwork is called intellectual property. Intellectual property is an umbrella term that’s used for everything that can and should distinguish one company’s image from one another. These include the following:




  • Brand name: from the exact fonts used to the exact way how it’s written
  • Logo: these can be so expressive, even if they only represent the first letter of the company name, their style, colors, font type ( that should always remain the same) are part of the brand’s overall image. Today Branding Agency Perth offering best deals on business logos.
  • Slogan: these are some of the hardest to come up with and to work with. No matter every Brand Perth who could ever create a good slogan do their best to protect these.  
  • Brand song: this requires more time and a whole branding and advertisement strategy. Brand songs from Brand Agency Perth need time to be registered, but once they do, people won’t forget about it easily.
  • Brand colors: it may sound funny but colors distinguish a brand from one another. We know the Coca Cola red, we know the McDonald’s red and we are perfectly clear on how they differ. Why? Because they make us all remember. That’s the key to successful branding provided by the efforts of best Brand Agency.


Branding needs to be done by diehard professionals because one small mistake let that be as little as getting the wrong font or wanting to associate the brand with the wrong color combination can be lethal for a business. One has to be a real Identity Design professional to know what people like or simply do a good market research to see what people like. The professional has to be well aware of all the stages and steps on how to introduce a brand and how to slowly but surely make people recognize it and start to get more interested about it.


There are 3 common ways to protect your intellectual property:


  • Patenting: when you patent an idea or invention that’s totally unique as your own patented intellectual property
  • Copyrighting: protects all materials of company which are represented on a touchable media
  • Trade marking: when the propriety of a word, symbol, slogan or logo is given to a company or organization, here creativity of Design Agency actually matters.


If you have any questions about the full process please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You will get complete solutions of your problems.