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How to Fix Error Code 475 in the AOL Mail Account

December 5, 2019 by Leeten Smith  

Whenever a user tries to send emails from their AOL account, and they come across the error code 475, it means that some suspicious activity was detected. AOL usually blocks those accounts in which it sees some suspicious activities. Due to this error, one can quickly receive emails in their account but fail to send mails. The reason behind this the sent emails are perceived as ‘spam’ by AOL. In case you wish to resolve the error manually, then you can read the steps shared below. For any further queries, the experts at AOL customer support are always at your service.

Plausible reasons behind AOL Error code 475

  • You had sent a lot of emails from the account within a short span
  • Emails sent from the AOL account are same or contain duplicate information
  • Your AOL emails are in the Outbox folder and have not reached the recipients

Solutions to fix AOL Error Code 475

There are different ways in which you can resolve the error. The solutions are shared below. You can read them all and then implement the best as per the situation.

Solution 1: Delete AOL mails from the Outbox Folder

Sometimes it happens that the AOL emails land in the outbox folder. There can be different reasons due to which it can happen. It is best to resolve the error to avoid further complications. To delete the AOL emails from the Outbox folder, follow the given steps
  1. Login to the AOL mail account.
  2. Click on the ‘Outbox folder.’
  3. Put a checkmark near the emails that you wish to delete
  4. Press ‘Delete’ key on the keyboard and then press Enter
  5. Your emails in the folder will be deleted

Solution 2: Change the AOL Mail password

When someone travels to a foreign location and tries sending emails, the server fails to update the webmail. This happens because the server is unable to process the changes and thus takes it as a suspicious activity. To prevent this, you can change the password
  1. Open your AOL account and then tap on ‘Account info.’
  2. Click on ‘Account Security Option,’ and further select ‘Change password.’
  3. Enter your current password, and then follow the on-screen prompts to change the AOL mail password successfully

Solution 3: Wait till your account gets unlocked on its own

When the above two methods fail, then the best way is to wait for 12 hours before sending the mails again. After 12 hours, the restriction that was generated on the account will be withdrawn.
In case you find that even after 12 hours, you are unable to send the messages, then wait no more. Dial AOL customer service as soon as possible and get in touch with the techies.

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