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Advertising in Malls and Multiplexes in Bangalore - IM Solutions

December 6, 2019 by IM Solutions  

Shopping malls are the best and the most effective way to advertise your business in an undeniably aggressive market. Shopping malls make a speedy, simple and compelling impression. Individuals at the shopping centers are in the right mood to shop, appreciate and unwind. Shopping centers have gotten popular among the exclusive class and youths. Your business can be of any size, old or new if you want people to pay attention, it needs to stick out. Advertising in shopping malls and multiplexes can empower your business to cross the digital boundaries and reconnect with real individuals and clients in the real physical world.

If you are a business and you are looking to promote it at the shopping malls, look no further; IM Solutions is the top advertising agency in Bangalore for Advertising in Malls and Multiplexes, the one-stop solution for all your advertising needs. With the help of  IM Solutions' advertising tactics, your business will draw in more clients. IM Solutions' advertising in malls and multiplexes strategy has proven to be more effective for businesses in reaching a significant number of clients, with an increase in recall rates on seeing an advertising display as opposed to the advertisement on the internet.

With advertising expertise and consummate skills in its arsenal, IM Solutions structures the best campaigns and utilizes a triumphant blend of mediums to make an interesting, durable effect on the consumers. Every shopping mall and multiplex advertising venture we attempt is enunciated to draw in, allure and create enthusiasm of the individuals. Our malls and multiplexes advertising package include live demonstrations, sampling, contest, tabletop stickers branding, stall space advertisements, cinema advertising in malls, wall branding, lift branding, kiosks & tons of other options that will enable direct advertisement and build your brand value.



From banner ads to kiosks, we will handle all your advertising needs to reach out to a larger audience. IM Solutions has one of the largest aggregators of advertising; your business will have the much-needed exposure in 2000+ multiplex screens. The areas for advertising in malls and multiplexes cover leading shopping mall advertising Bangalore as well as other major metropolitan cities. Our wide-spread reach of 50+ cities across India, 300+ professionals, 65+ operations & execution team enables us to be present at the right venue at the right time to reach out to the right audience. IM Solutions have tie-ups with some of the well-established and popular malls in Bangalore and other major cities to ensure your ads get the right visibility to a wider audience. As a leading mall and multiplex advertising company, IM Solutions constantly evolve in order to encompass more and more innovative advertising solutions for your business.

Want to take your business to the next level, Want to stand out from the rest, book an appointment with us or consult our expert, contact our team at IM Solutions and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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