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The right care for your clothes – Know here:

December 6, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Washing, spinning, drying - not every fabric is that easy. Whether a bargain or luxury purchase, we depend on our favorite clothes. With the right treatment, it will stay with us for a long time. Read following tips suggested by New York Laundry on the right care for your clothes.


- Clothes made of woven wool (suits, coats) better clean. You can also wash knitwear at home.

- Washing: Turn the machine suitable for the machine to the left and then wash it gently by hand, delicate (such as angora) by hand.

- Drying: Roll the clothes into a towel and press out. Do not wring - Pluck into shape and dry while lying down.

- Care tip: Scratchy sweaters are cuddly soft with a little hair conditioner.


- The natural fiber is extremely durable and can be machine washed.

- Washing: White can tolerate up to 60 degrees. Beware of heavy detergents: You can make the laundry gray over time.

- Drying: Spin well and then hang up. Attention: Cotton is easily absorbed in the dryer.

- Care tip: Do not overfill the machine, the paint suffers from friction.


- Polyamide, acrylic, and polyester do not wrinkle and are easy to clean.

- Washing: The fabrics are very temperature sensitive. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions - this also applies to sports clothing made of microfiber.

- Drying: Do not hang wet or dripping wet in the blazing sun.

- Care tip: If you need to iron, put a damp cloth underneath, select level 1.


- Very sensitive clothing should rather entrust the cleaning. If you wash, turn clothes on left.

- Washing: White linen can stand up to 60 degrees, colored up to 40 degrees, observe washing instructions, fling linen only briefly, otherwise it wrinkles too much.

- Drying: Knock out and stretch before hanging. Never put in the dryer, no direct sunlight.

- Care tip: For ironing slightly damp from the leash.


- Silk, lace, and chiffon-like it very gently. You should therefore necessarily use a mild detergent.

- Washing: Best by hand, some silk textiles but also tolerate the gentle cycle.

- Drying: Do not spin but like wool in a towel roll. Dry flat, hang blouses wet on a hanger.

- Care tip. First put pieces in a laundry bag, then in the machine.


- Stretch jeans or skintight dresses contain elastic fibers.

- Washing: Depending on the mix of elastane (cotton, for example), it can withstand up to 60 degrees in the machine. Note the care label.

- Care tip: Always aim for the most delicate tissue in the material mix.

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