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Memorial and Wall of Honor for Fallen Firefighters in Utah

December 6, 2019 by Fallen Fighter  

In the state of Utah, there are thousands of places to explore, ranging from cities to natural wonders. Any person exploring the state or looking to experience something unique should visit the peaceful memorial in Ogden. Located in the center of Ogden, Utah, stands the memorial for America’s Fallen Firefighters. It is a place to reflect and celebrate brave people risking their lives for the greater good. An uplifting walk through the park with your family or friends can be quite the experience. As of now, there are almost 7000 names on the Wall of Honor; and once the park is complete, there will be more with fallen firefighters dating to the 1800s will be displayed on a Wall of Honor. It will, in addition, be the largest memorial of its kind. The importance of this park goes back to its founders, being firefighters themselves. They sought a place where all these true heroes are remembered for their passion, dedication, and sacrifice. It’s equally important to remember this is a place equally inspired by both residents and tourists to visit and enjoy. For more information about the park and the Wall of Honor of this inspiring memorial, visit the following website: http://www.fallenfirefightermemorial.org