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Bring bed linen at home or in the cleaning?

December 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

You can bring bed linen in the professional cleaning such as liox cleaners New York NY, where it is then professionally cleaned, strengthened and mangled or ironed. How sensible that is everyone has to decide for themselves because as far as hygiene or cleanliness, there is no advantage over the domestic washing machine.

If you wash your own sheets at home you can at least make sure that they get the right treatment and are not unnecessarily washed at high temperatures.

How to wash bed linen properly?

How to wash your bed linen depends on several factors, as with any laundry. It is recommended to wash bed linen separately from the normal laundry. This is because bedding, complete with covers and sheets, fills up at least one full load of laundry.

The most important information, such as the type of fabric and care instructions, can be found in the washing label. Those who are unsure what the washing symbols mean may be indicated e.g. Check www.waschsymbole.de.

The most important tips for washing success:

- Sort the laundry: separate whites and colored laundry

- Choose the right wash program

- Choose the right temperature

- Washing machine, according to instructions, fully loaded

- Choose the right detergent

- Does the detergent correctly

- Pretreat stains as much as possible

- Maintain the washing machine properly

How do you sort your laundry?

In any case, you should always separate colored and white linen. Strong colors can rub off on white laundry. In addition, you should use for colored laundry color detergent, they contain no bleach and protect the colors.

White laundry, on the other hand, is preferably washed with heavy-duty detergents that contain light bleaches and have a stronger effect on stains and prevent the formation of gray haze.

Wool, silk, and delicates should be washed separately from normal laundry to protect the fibers. These are more sensitive and should be washed at a lower temperature and with a mild or wool detergent.

Functional clothing should also be washed separately because cotton fibers and other natural substances can be replaced by fibers that can clog the fine material pores. Functional clothing should be washed with a special detergent to maintain breathability.

Generally, one should use coarse cloth, e.g. Jeans, do not wash with finer fabrics, as they could be damaged.

In this way, it is always advisable to use professional dry cleaning services such as liox cleaners New York NY.