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Care instructions for terry towels:

December 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

We all love to use terry towels but sometimes it is a very tiring job to wash it as you need extra care to wash it. If you are looking for the best instructions tips to wash terry towels, you are here at the right place. At Dry Cleaners NYC, we present you with the best tips.

In order to enjoy your terry towels for a long time, please note the following care instructions and tips suggested by Dry Cleaners NYC:

- Wash towels before using them for the first time. Fluff and excess paint washout, and at the same time, the material become more loadable, as the yarn swells and the loop is held more firmly.

- When washing, observe the care label of the manufacturer. Especially observe the temperature during washing and drying.

- Wash bright and strong colors separately. This will prevent discoloring of the light towels. For colored towels, it is best to use a color detergent, NOT a heavy-duty detergent. So the colors stay nice and strong.

- Use sparingly with softener. Best to omit altogether. Softener smells nice (make modern detergent too), but it smoothes the surface of the fibers. The towel dries worse since water can be absorbed worse. Also, softener can cause increased linting.

- Observe the dosing instructions for the detergent. Too much detergent can harden the cotton fibers.

- When washing the towels for the first time, load the washing machine completely. The most common reason for new towel complaints is that unsightly pilling has formed on the surface.

This is almost always due to incorrect washing: Modern washing machines have a volume automatic. If the machine is lightly loaded, less water is used. At the same time, the towels rub more on the drum, which causes more fiber abrasion than usual.

Due to the little water, this abrasion is not rinsed and washed away, but sits down as a kind of "pulp" on the loops and forms there the ugly knots, which can not be removed! For the filling quantity of the washing machine, always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the appliance.

The higher the quality of your towels, the higher the pile, the more fluff can be produced during the first wash. Therefore always load the machine sufficiently.

Cut off pulling threads briefly. If a thread has been pulled, just cut it short. The tissue is not affected by this but prevents further withdrawal.