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How Keywords Can Boost Your Web Traffic

December 7, 2019 by Anchor Digital  

The purpose of having a website is to make your business visible and exposing your product to a wider audience. After the website goes live, your primary objective is to advertise it as much as possible. The aim of this advertising is to boost your web traffic. The more web traffic your website receives, the more exposure your product will get. There are various methods used for boosting your web traffic but the most important one among them is search engines. Since people use them for finding things or products nowadays, you want the search engine to send people towards your website. This is where keywords can be of use to you. They can get the search engines to direct people to your website, boosting its web traffic.  




What do Keywords do?

Keywords are targeted words that are specific to your industry or niche. For instance, if you are a furniture maker, then ‘furniture’ is a keyword for your business. You need to incorporate this keyword within the text of your website as intelligently as you can. The search engines index websites and associate them with these keywords. When people search for keywords like furniture, the search engine combs through all the indexed websites for that particular keyword and lists them on the result page based on their rank. This rank depends on various factors and keyword usage is one of those factors. So, keywords can help in getting your website indexed on search engines and also to get it ranked higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


How Should Your Select Keywords

Since keywords are so important to your topic or business, it is necessary that you pick the keywords for your website carefully. Make sure that the keywords you are choosing are appropriate for your business. Also, it is a good idea to go for keywords that aren’t that competitive. For instance, if you are going for ‘furniture’ as your target keyword, chances are that many of your competitors are going for it too. Ranking your website for those keywords can be a little difficult. However, if you pick long-tail keywords like ‘custom made furniture’ or ‘best furniture in Brisbane’ as your target keyword, you might find less competition. Ranking your website for these keywords will be much easier. There are various tools available on the internet that can help you in choosing the right keywords for your website.


How to Incorporate Keywords within Website Text

Overstuffing the text of your website with the keyword can have a negative impact on your web traffic. The reason for that is that search engines, particularly Google, don’t like this practice. If it suspects that you are using too many keywords just to increase your website rank then it will demote your website. A website that isn’t displayed on the first page of the Google result pages never receives much web traffic. So, your goal should be to remain in Google’s good books and only use the keywords in important places throughout the website. This includes the text, headings, subheading, page title, URLs, and the Meta description.


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