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Should you wash your jeans?

December 7, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

It sounds a bit disgusting and yet experts recommend it: Basically not to wash his jeans. And there are good reasons for that and tips on how this practice can work.

Yes, freshly washed linen is a wonderful thing. Slipping into fragrant clothes feels good and clean, and hot clothes are enough to leave many a worn-out piece in the right fit. And yet you should not wash a very popular piece. Not at all and never.

The jeans. Every now and then you get the hint in the store not to give the new favorite pants in the drum so are the sellers of Levis's line lot advised to advise to rare washes.

But do you really want to hear that? No, somehow not. But actually, this announcement has support from the top. Levi's boss explained last year at a sustainability conference of "Fortune Magazine" that and why you should not give jeans under any circumstances in the washing machine.

The jeans strategy for the butt:

A pair of pants that fit and fit and also - in the true sense of the word - makes a good figure is rarely found as the right man. Levi's promises all this - using an "integrated fluid".

According to Laundry service, some reason to keep your jeans unwashed is obvious: The pants lose some color every time they wash, and the fabric can get rougher.

Also, denim is actually designed to endure dirt, and every pair of pants, their character, and shape evolve differently on each wearer. Imprints of a wallet or, nowadays, cell phone, splashes of paint from the apartment, all this makes the jeans such a particularly personal garment. And was not it originally invented as working clothes?

Saltwater, freezer, balcony:

But what about the unpleasant smell that sets in, for example, after smoky party evenings in the fabric? The airing of the pants should be here the miracle weapon. But what to do in rainy, cold and windless days in a one-room apartment? Among the non-scrubbers, the city-worthy tip circulates, the trousers throw a scarf into the dryer. Then turn on the gearshift "Ventilate" and wait for fragrant pants.

The jeans can regularly be placed in the freezer for about a night against the bacteria that are in the cotton fabric. This kills germs and minimizes odors. Some people also spray saltwater on their pants and let them air dry.

However, if you want the best care for your jeans, you can use Laundry service.