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In a abbreviate FAQ on the acquisition

December 8, 2019 by xingwang  

Rocket League's ample Beef amateur abject has no absolute charge to panic, however. Until the alteration is complete, some time in "late 2019", Rocket Alliance will abide on auction through Steam, and Psyonix says it will "continue to support" the adventurous on Valve's platform. Speaking to Variety, the developer antiseptic that Beef users will abide to accept "patches, DLC and all added agreeable that hits the PC adaptation of Rocket League Items the adventurous through the Epic Adventurous Store".

Additionally, in a abbreviate FAQ on the acquisition, Psyonix assured all players, above all platforms, that "In the abbreviate term, annihilation will change at all!

We're still committed to accouterment Rocket Alliance with accepted updates that accept new features, new content, and new agency to play the adventurous for https://www.lolga.com as connected as you'll accept us."