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Types of Hair Extensions and How to Select the Best Type for You

December 9, 2019 by custom hair by catherine  

As a hair extension expert, we constantly strive to stay at the top of the industry by researching and developing the various types of extensions that will address our customers hair concerns. We do not stop at only one brand or type in light of the fact that not all extensions work for everybody.

Let us have a look at hair extensions methods in NYC that you can get from a reputed salon.




Sew-in: The latest technique in the sew-in method is using hand tied hair that is attached to small flat rings attached to the client’s own hair. The rings are very light and flat and lay underneath the extension so they are not seen. There are various textures, lengths and colors of hair to create a perfect match for the customer. This method is visually undetectable and secure.


Removable: Clip-ins are pieces of wefted hair with clips sewn on for attachment to the client’s hair. Clip-ins come in a wide range of sizes so they can be set all around the head. They are incredible for that customer who needs instant hair for unique events. Clip Ins are relatively easy to attach and work will for people with thick and/or curly hair. Like all types of hair extensions, the quality of the hair, texture, and color match determines how successful the result is.




Halos are another choice instead of clip-ins. They are also for customers searching for length and to add volume. What’s more, they are ideal for somebody with hair that cannot hold in clips from being too fine or weak. Halos have an invisible wire attached to the weft of the hair. It utilizes the weight of the customer’s own hair, pulled over the Halo to keep it secure on the head. The Halo lays flat and are great for people with thinning or fine hair.


Tape-in: Tape-ins can be utilized for length, volume and thickness. The tape in pieces are very flat like paper and can be placed all over the head and much higher than the other methods of hair extensions. Maintenance is required about every six to nine weeks to have them removed and reinstalled. Good quality tape ins don’t use heat and shouldn’t get gunky from poor quality tape. This can make the pieces hard to remove and pull out the client’s own hair when getting maintenance. Clients do need to be cautious about not getting conditioners or oils too close to the tape since that can cause slipping. Good quality tape ins can be re-used for at least 6 months.


Tape In Hair Extension NYC


Micro link/Fusion: These 2 methods utilize individual pieces of extension hair attached either with a micro-link or bonded with a keratin bond which is actually glue. While some people’s hair can get a good result with these methods, they do tend to cause the most damage to most clients’ own hair long term. They can take a lot longer to apply and need to be replaced entirely by 3 months.


Choosing the right method of hair extensions

There are numerous variables to think about when picking the best type of hair extensions for yourself.


The amount of hair in the extensions, quality, and method determine the price. Some of the considerations to think about when looking for the best hair extensions for you is the quality of the hair, will the method damage your own hair, and of course – the value for the price.


Despite the fact that some cost more than others, you also want to consider how long the extensions will last. You may find buying cheaper extensions more often costs more in the long run and the hair doesn’t look as nice.




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