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5 things to know to buy your gems

December 9, 2019 by gemsn gems  

The world of precious stones is a vast and fascinating field. Many ill-intentioned people can use the naivety of buyers to sell low value stones at exorbitant prices. This is why we offer you some tips to choose the best your jewelry set with green amethyst stone and especially know the main bases that make a gem of good quality. Although gemology requires years of learning and advanced technical tools, it is not rocket science to quickly know the basic rules.


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Below are some helpful tips which help you to find out your jewelry and keep away you from unpleasant surprises.

1 st tip: Identify a beautiful gemstone color

50% of the value of a gemstone is determined by its color. The golden rule is: Never too bright, never too dark! A beautiful fine or precious amethyst for sale must have a balanced and harmonious color.

One of its sides must not be lighter or darker, everything must be uniform.

2 nd advice: Watch the weight of the gemstone

It is often wrongly thought that the total carat weight of gemstones determines their values, 10 carats of Diamond is 10 carats of Diamond. Well no, a 3 carat stone will be worth more than 3 1 carat stones, which will also have more value than 30 stones of 0.1 carats.

3 rd Board: Identify a beautiful purity

A beautiful synthetic opal for sale must be very clear and bright. But again, not everything is so obvious.

Never buy an Amethyst or synthetic blue sapphire with inclusions, spots or cracks inside! We find in this category, gemstones such as Topaz, Amethyst, Aquamarine.

4 th Tip: Knowing the origin of the stone

To choose a colombian emeralds for sale, look for its origin. Examples include Kashmiri Sapphires, Burmese Rubies, Colombian Emeralds, Amethysts of Uruguay and Paraiba Tourmalines from Brazil to name but a few.

Precious and precious stones are natural geological formations and in certain specific places, there have been very specific geological phenomena.

5 th Tip: Only buy jewelry with certificate of authenticity!

As in all environments where large amounts of money are at stake, there are counterfeiters and people who wish to take advantage of a buyer's naivety or lack of knowledge.

First of all, a certificate of authenticity guarantees that the hydrothermal emerald is not artificial and does not come out of a laboratory!

Then it will be informed the location of its extraction, as well as specific information for a possible insurance and / or expertise as its weight in carats, the size of the stone and its dimensions.

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