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Home Renovation and Mortgage Loans in Ogden

December 9, 2019 by Graystone Mortgage  

A renovation loan is usually wrapped into a mortgage loan, that comes with the costs of renovating a "fixer-upper." People tend to consider applying for this if they are interested in buying a house at a lower price point and taking on the costs of fixing it up. There are numerous reasons for doing this, including personal satisfaction or as a way to gain equity faster than they normally would when buying a move-in ready house. Lending for renovations also give buyers more control in establishing the final value of the property. Graystone Mortgage is known as a "mortgage banker," which means that they can originate, process, close, underwrite, and fund renovation loans without extra funds or assistance from outside financial institutions. Graystone Mortgage has a program that represents the ideal choice for that almost-perfect house in Ogden, Utah; the one with little details you want to improve. Their program allows you to acquire a home and fix it up using one loan with one monthly payment. You can select the contractor and finance improvement costs. For more information, visit Graystone Mortgage website, especially if you are in Ogden, Utah area https://graystonemortgage.com