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Working principle of Shanghai jaw crusher equipment

December 10, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Shanghai jaw Gravel crushers equipment working principle, SBM heavy industries main crusher, for the jaw crusher working principle is very easy to understand, technology mentioned that the main jaw motor through the belt wheel drive eccentric shaft rotation, and then through the connecting rod and the front and rear thrust plate to cause the jaw crusher jaw reciprocating motion. When the moving jaw moves to the left, the material is crushed and crushed. When the moving jaw moves to the right, the material moves downward by its own weight. With each swing of the jaw, the material is pressed once and sent down a distance. Starting from the entry of materials into the crushing cavity of jaw, we usually receive more than three or four crushing actions and then get out of the crushing cavity of jaw. Compound pendulum jaw broken did to streamline processing on the structure, connecting rod, after missing the thrust plate and moving jaw and shaft parts and so on working principle of jaw broken and Jane pendulum jaw broken is slightly different, Gravel crushers equipment moving jaw movement is no longer a spindle center of reciprocating swing, but very complex trajectory, but on the whole, material or through extrusion jaw plate is broken.