LeapZipBlog: Alex Jones's blog: HP ENVY 5530 TROUBLESHOOTING


December 10, 2019 by Alex Jones  


•Troubleshooting is a form of problem-solving.It is often useful to repair a product that is not functioning properly.
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•Ensure that a green light glows on the printer when the printer is ON. The green light indicates that the printer is receiving power.
•If you don’t find the indicator light glowing, check whether the power outlet is currently in use.
•Attach your printer’s power cable and data cable to both the printer and the computer.
•In case you find an orange or a blinking light in the printer, then check whether there is a paper jam or issues in the ink or toner cartridge.
•Without paper, your printer won’t be able to print. Make sure paper is present in the paper tray.
•Also, ensure that no paper is fed into the printer partially.


•Insert the ink cartridge properly.
•Check whether the ink cartridge is compatible with your printer.
• Ensure that there are no software errors and try printing a test page.
•Try resetting the ink cartridge counter.
•Also check if the lever is in its original position, if not place it in its original position.
•Check the ink level.
•Do not allow dust to accumulate on the cartridge.

There are other issues that might cause trouble in the working of the printer. If you cannot solve the issues occurring in your printer using the above information, feel free to contact us. For further clarification on 123.hp.com/setup 5530, contact our expert team @ +1-844-876-5110