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Complete configuration of organic fertilizer production line

December 11, 2019 by zhengtianci  

The simple configuration of fertilizer equipment is less, investment is also less, suitable for small-scale use. The working process of simple organic fertilizer production line: traditional mode of chicken manure fermentation - organic fertilizer crushing after fermentation - mixing - granulation - artificial drying to remove water - screening out unqualified particles by using screening machine - automatic packaging machine for bagging. The simple production process only needs five kinds of machines: pulverizer, mixer, granulator, screening machine and packaging machine.

Effect of organic fertilizer production line on agriculture and environment

Agricultural development and environment are a benign interactive process, which can not sacrifice the environment to obtain economic benefits. Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers are an important balance point, and they are using their own strength to reverse the current situation of ecological environment damage.

Small scale manure organic fertilizer production line fundamentally improves the pollution of agriculture and animal husbandry. A large number of livestock and poultry excrement produced in the farm are used to produce green organic fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is returned to the farm to cultivate organic agriculture. Agricultural wastes and agricultural fruits are fed to various livestock and poultry to form a natural green ecological biological chain, maintain ecological balance, and let us get back to the farm life.