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Check the Quality of Wholesale Liquidation Merchandise Before Buying

December 11, 2019 by John Louis  

A large number of companies liquidate Amazon FBA in order to get rid of their old stock and make space for new inventory. Buying products from wholesale liquidators is one of the most cost-effective ways of grabbing inventory at a low price and selling it out to make massive profits. But if you have made up your mind to purchase wholesale liquidation merchandise, you need to make sure that it is of good quality enough to sell out in the market. The quality of the products largely depends on the reason for which the owner sold it at such a cheap rate. Believe it or not, some of these products are in mint condition and can be sold out at a great profit margin. The quality of the products can be divided into following categories.

Brand new merchandise: If the reason of liquidation was store closeout or overstock, then the products you obtain would usually be brand new and would come in their original packaging. These products would be no different from the ones that customers would buy from retail stores at full price. Due to this, this kind of wholesale liquidation merchandise would command highest price when you go out to sell it. Most of the times, these products will also have their warranty still in place.

Like-new merchandise: These products may not come in their original packaging. Customers might have opened them, but they did not use them, due to which they are still in like-new condition. You won’t see any signs of wear and tear, blemishes and imperfections in such products. Most of these products are customer returns. Since most of them are returned to the seller within a few days of purchase, they are seldom found in poor condition.

Refurbished products:These are usually used products that are refurbished so that they can be made fit to sell again. When the wholesale liquidatorsliquidate Amazon FBA, they check their products for any signs of wear and tear, and repair them to remove any flaws. Refurbished wholesale liquidation merchandise is categorized into three grades:

1.       Grade A: Grade A refurbished products are like-new, but often not in their original packaging. However, they may have their necessary accessories and original documents intact.

2.       Grade B: Grade B refurbished products often have slight defects, but they are in good working condition. If it is an electronic good, you may notice some scratches on the surface, but they would be in their best working condition. Most of the times, they are not in their original packaging and are often repacked in a plain box. If it is a clothing item, it may have minor stains, rips, tear or discolorations, most of which can be fixed or cleaned easily.

3.       Grade C: Grade C refurbished products often have visual signs of use and defects, with prominent dings and scratches on the body. Most of them do not look good, but they are often in their working condition.

So, if you are considering buying wholesale liquidation merchandise, you can be sure of their quality by knowing their category. Merchandise USA is one of the most reputed wholesale liquidators known for dealing in good quality products in their best possible condition.