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Kratom Consumer Choice Awards 2019

December 11, 2019 by kraven kratom  

Kratom has evolved so much since we first heard about it. it was initially confined
to the boundaries of certain Southeast Asian and African countries. It took several
centuries for Kratom to cross those borders and come under limelight globally.
That time, there were hardly any Kratom variants available. Fortunately, after
thorough research, we got several more strains. All these strains are different and
unique. Each of them has a separate set of effects and benefits to offer.
These strains do have a dedicated fanbase as well. Today, we are not going into any
debate or analysis but run an award show for a change. Come, join in with us and
check out which of your favorite kratom strain take home a ‘Kratom Consumer
Choice Award 2019’.
Kratom Consumer Choice Awards 2019
Today, we have three main categories in which we will award. These are Rising
Star 2019, Evergreen Star 2019 and Popular Strain 2019. Take a minute to note
down your picks then check if your vote matches the result or not. It is going to be
fun so let’s get started;
Rising Star 2019
It is for one strain that has been discovered in the last few years and has shown
some steady growth this year. And this award has only one contender and winner;
Yellow Borneo Kratom. There is no yellow vein kratom that grows on the trees. It is
the result of the extended drying process that gives the kratom its featured color.
Generally, green, red or white vein leaves are the base material of this strain. It is
mostly prepared from the kratom plants that grow in the northern jungles of
Borneo. Yellow Borneo kratom is famous for being a potent strain.
Evergreen Star 2019
There are no guesses who wins this title. It is none other than our very favorite
Bali Kratom which is a versatile kratom. History proves that at first Bali itself was
the identity of Kratom. Later people learned that Bali is a variant and there are
many more. Surprisingly, despite all competition, Bali is the most popular kratom
strain in 2019.
Popular 2019
The next award is for those strains that got immense popularity in 2019. There are
so many strains flooding the market that at times it can get overwhelming for the
buyer. However, after a comparative study, we found out that three kratom strainsare giving each other a tough fight; White Maeng Da, Red Hulu and Green Malay.
  • White Maeng Da is regarded as a very potent and versatile kratom variant.
  • Green Malay, on the other hand, is famous for its subtle soothing benefits.The leaves are large, oval-shaped and dark green in color.
  • Red Hulu kratom is a rare kind of kratom strain that grows in the Hulu region of Borneo. The area is not easy to access, and the forest is verydense. River Kapuas passes through this region.
Did your winners match our winners’ list? If you think that we missed out on an
award or a winner, don’t forget to share your suggestion.


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