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What are the main component parts and functions of your waste tyre pyrolysis plant?

December 11, 2019 by tyrepyrolysisplant  

The waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the advanced pyrolysis technology, which refers to converting waste tyres into useful resources through high temperature heating. After the whole tyre pyrolysis process finishes, you can get tyre pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. The following is the main component parts and functions of DOING waste tyre pyrolysis plant:
Reactor carbonblack(700).jpg
Reactor is the main part of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant, and waste tires are processed here. The structure of our reactor is 360-degree rotating and this special design makes the bottom of reactor heated evenly, which lengthens the service life of reactor as well as improve the pyrolysis speed.
Casing dav
The outside of reactor is our casing which has special keep-warm device and can save much fuel materials. It is used for protecting the reactor and isolating the oil based cuttings to get in direct contact with the flue gases.
Manifold 3Ddrawing(700)
Oil gas from reactor spirally moves into manifold. The manifold of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant can separate the light oil from heavy oil. The light oil will rise into next step (cooling system); the heavy oil (oil contain fine dust) will flow in to residual oil tank, and this kind of heavy oil will return back to the reactor by oil pump and be refined again.
Condenser detail 冷凝器(700)
The condenser of the waste tyre pyrolysis plant is used to convert oil gas into liquid oil. Compared with general condensers, our tubular condenser has the features of larger cooling area and better cooling effect, which can greatly improve the oil yield. It is easy to maintain, which is very convenient for customers. Meanwhile the cooling water doesn’t contact with oil directly, so it is environmental.
De-dusting system detail 除烟系统(700) (2)
We have strictly de-dusting system to clean the emission, which can meet the local environment protection standard. The de-dusting system of our waste tyre pyrolysis plant has three layers, water washing, ceramic ring adsorption, water spray. The three steps can further guarantee no-pollution in the production.
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