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Why selective dolls

December 12, 2019 by sexdoll  

Men are passionate animals. Although they already have perfect wives and harmonious families, they still want extramarital affairs and long for fresh and exciting relationships. But if there is a sex doll, they can meet their psychological needs without having to Destroy one's own family
Think of it this way. A man who can afford to spend more than $ 1,500 on luxury goods is likely to be a well-employed, well-educated, and disposable income person. These are not people with difficult dating. So why do so many men choose to buy sex dolls?
They want to have sex more often
The word "make love" is very important here. Men are as eager for contact and intimacy as women. Sometimes masturbation is not enough. With love doll , men can closely mimic real, intimate sexual experiences. This can be helpful for men in romantic relationships that may outstrip their partner in sexuality. After all, what is more respected in interpersonal relationships is to pressure someone for sex, or find a way to meet their needs?
Maintenance toss or hold
Based on the type and extent of damage you see, it's time to decide what to do next. One option is to repair your doll or do it yourself. If you bought a WM doll from us, it comes with a repair kit. If you can use the kit for repairs, you've found the easiest and cheapest option.
You may also return your doll to us for repair. Contact us and we will notify you if we have this option. If so, we may ask you to ship the doll to us or arrange to send you a replacement part.
If your doll cannot be repaired, you must discard it. This is bad news, but it does mean you can start buying alternatives. Here is some important information about disposing of sex dolls.
When you use your love doll, please take good care of her like your own child, do not use her rudely, otherwise it will greatly reduce her life and destroy your experience.